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Home Decor Through The Ages – Past and Present!

Over the past 20 years, many things have changed and evolved. Fashion and aesthetic tastes, of course, have seen some of the most significant changes! Painting and decorating experts who have been in the game for a long time will tell you that what people are looking for in interior design in 2021 is, evidently, very different from 2001. Our last blog post here is a direct link to new colour trends for 2021 and how more adventurous painting and decorating styles have become.

Lots of factors affect the way we style our properties. Home decor trends are, ultimately, impacted by what’s happening in the world around us, with regard to art, fashion and culture. In the modern age, we are perhaps freer than ever before to explore a wild array of different looks and styles.

This is a big difference from times gone by when decor through the decades would revolve around having to keep on-trend. While there are always going to be trends and styles that people want to follow, there’s no longer this need to fit in!

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the decorating trends of the past 20 years – some of which you’re likely to remember!

Turn of The Century Trends

The 00s saw some interesting movements towards interior design based around technology. While we’d seen interior styles based around big TVs and Hi-Fis in the decades past, this was no longer a major point of contention. Our TVs were now slimmer, and people were at liberty to start setting up integrated speakers, and more besides.

The 2000s was also a decade for re-working old items and furniture into a new standard. ‘Vintage’ became a big draw towards the latter half of the decade, meaning that many homes adopted distressed or intentionally retro pieces to make their rooms fit in. It was also a big period for DIY, thanks to shifts in TV programming, meaning many people were keen to try and follow what worked on the telly.

Thankfully, the 00s saw an end to annoying puffed-up wallpaper and Artex style ceilings – while they are still around to some degree nowadays, they rather fell off at the end of the 90s.

What’s more, we really did love continental style back in the 00s – if you had a Tuscan themed bathroom, you already know what we mean!

The 10s: A Return to Happy Shabbiness?

By the 10s, many homeowners decided to stray from the polished look and instead swung towards ‘shabby chic’. That means many of us took on barn doors and worn wooden fittings in an attempt to make things look more ‘authentic’. The 10s, though we are barely out of them, was a decade all about focusing on natural, rather than synthetic, looks.

That went for kitchen spaces, too. There were huge changes in the kitchens of the 00s compared to the kitchens of the 10s. Instead of the whitewashed cabinets we saw pretty much everywhere at the turn of the millennium, we now saw people start to deconstruct their cupboards, opening up shelving to make things more accessible.

The entertainment station look in the lounge depleted even more, with the rise of smart technology and with home controls in the shape of built-in hubs. Tech devices slid into the background a little, meaning there was now much more emphasis on furnishings and colours.

Essentially, it became very cool in the 10s to get back to the meat of the matter – the actual look of your home, rather than the extra bits and bobs you might fill it with. Striking colours such as purple and pink may have seemed a bit gauche at the turn of 2010, meaning now really was the time to start looking at milder tones. However, if you are interested in the luxurious tones of purple, this read is for you!

Where Do We Go From Here?

The 20s are here, and with them, there’s a whole raft of really interesting design trends opening up. That’s mainly thanks to the fact that social media now has a huge effect on our tastes more so than ever before – meaning we’re growing more eclectic than ever before.

Now’s the time to really show off your tastes and personality without guilt. Not sure how to do that? Get in touch with The Good Painter today and find out more about freeing yourself from trend constraints!

Home Decor Through The Ages - Past and Present!
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Home Decor Through The Ages - Past and Present!
As we grow and evolve, everything else changes, adapts and improves. Today we are going back a few years to explore the most popular home trends from the 2000s and how it differentiates today.
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