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Tile Trends of 2022: Decorating Your Home with Flair

Redesigning, upgrading, and moving into a new home calls for well-thought design considerations. Regardless of the purpose, refreshing the looks of your property is a window to be more creative.

But this time, you may forget about wall accessories or paintings but instead, focus on the latest trends in tiles in 2022.

Using tile trends offers impressive results compared to wall painting and decorating. The use of stronger hues can be too much for the eyes when coating your indoor walls. But with tiles, the result is fresh and evocative.

Tile Trends 2022 To Look Forward To

  • Tiles are not just limited to the floors. This 2022, tiles are extended up to the wall for texture and pop of colour.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms are the most common areas for tile installation but tile trends in 2022 include implementing floor tile and backsplash.
  • Adding tiles in uncommon places are also 2022 trends to look out for. Although kitchens and bathrooms are common areas of tile installation, this year, adding tiles to uncommon places like bookshelf interiors, the body of kitchen island stand, and extending from floor to wall will get tile treatments.
  • Bolder colours, finishes, patterns, materials, are tile trends you should look out for this 2022.

Tile Colours

There is always something new in tile trends that will get you inspired to give your space a little love and attention. Although the most loved classics are still available, the jewel-tone palette will be popular, all adding drama to the neutral whites, ivory, grey, or cream.

Tones like mustard yellow, teal, emerald green, cyan, medium to dark shades of purple will instantly add a burst of vibrancy to the room. So, even if white is your main thing, there are a myriad of ways to update the space through these tile trends. This way, you do not have to change everything, but create a way to revamp the look without compromising your personal style.

The laurel leaf colour beautifully complements neutrals like creams, whites, and light to medium tone floors. This versatile shade creates a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere when used in your dining room or kitchen. This perfect shade is also a great addition to your bathroom.

Mosaic tiles are back this year. Expect to see uniform art with neatly stacked shapes, the same shape, and straight lines for extra playfulness. This year’s tile trends are more on exploring different tile shapes and patterns rather than sticking to the old-school glazed ceramic tiles.

Or you may bring the terrazzo look into your home. What was originally designed for commercial spaces like shopping centres and groceries, terrazzo tiles are becoming popular for residential use these days particularly for young homeowners.

How to use different 2022 tile trends to your advantage

Tile trends this year encourage coming out of the comfort zone and trying ways to refresh your property the exciting and fun ways. There are numerous ways to do this, to your laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

For instance, hexagonal or square terracotta tiles on the floor will look more enhanced if an emerald tile is added on the walls. Or pale yellowish-orange coloured tiles for the kitchen splashback perfectly coordinate with the floor, but in a subtler way.

Design trends come and go including tiles trends. What was popular in the past will highly likely make a comeback or trends tiles in 2022 will continue the following year.

More and more people are tiles to express their personal taste and style. And nothing beats the vivid and fresh look these tile trends can give to your residential space such as bathroom, kitchen, floor, and every laundry room. These beautiful tile trends can transform your spaces at home with the assurance of quality and durability.

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Tile Trends of 2022: Decorating Your Home with Flair
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