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Luxurious Painting and Decorating tips with Purple

Luxurious Painting and Decorating tips with Purple

Are you looking to create a unique approach when painting and decorating your space this year? Following this week’s theme on our Instagram, our painters and decorators have gathered expert tips in painting and decorating with the luxurious shade of purple! Purple is associated with many admirable characteristics. We perceive purple to be grand, mysterious, compassionate and intuitive. When utilised correctly, it can create gorgeous spaces for your residential or commercial space. Let us explore the wonderful shade of purple and how we can use it within the interior!

Jewel Colours and Tones Scheme

Jewel tones such as navy blue and emerald greens create a unique environment with purple. Many looking to create a luxurious and modern space, this colour scheme has been widespread and favoured—jewel and crystal toned palettes, portraying an eclectic and contemporary vibe with a hint of elegance. Create a primary base of a dusty or deep purple, add blue and emerald accents through the painting of panels trims, or use the colour from furniture and accessories. As you can see, the ideal approach is to use adjacent colours on the colour wheel. Focus on blues, greens and purple for the elegant and grand look you are trying to achieve. Architectural Digest portrays an entire list of inspiration according to jewel tones, so make sure to visit for the push in motivation and inspiration.

Experiment with layering dark and lighter colours, such as a darker blue with a lighter purple or rich purple with soft greens. Our painters and decorators suggest creating a visual mood board to determine what visually pleases you and which approach you are more passionate about. The final touch, add the sophisticated element of a chandelier to emphasise elegance!

Cool Shades for Modern Look

If you prefer a more minimal direction when painting and decorating an interior, we have the ideal scheme for you! Our painting and decorating company in London loves the modern shades and combinations of dusty purple, with cool greys and blues. The silver glacier palette with a unique and otherworldly feel, this painting and decorating style and technique is fantastic for a luxurious and modern minimal atmosphere.

Combine purple shades such as fig, plums or lavenders, with grey or light blush pink tones. Our painters and decorators advise using off-white colours on trims, ceiling and furniture. A statement wallpaper or mural will complement this look like a charm. We love the Feathr Whisper Wallpaper by Beut for that contemporary feel!

Focus on using accent colours that are richer on accessories; you may also combine soft blues and smoked accessories or furniture—finally, statement lighting and pendants to accentuate that glamorous atmosphere.

Gentle Bedroom

Light purple and lavender walls with cool undertones allow a brighter and gentle room. This scheme looks great in a monochromatic approach and is versatile to all ages, creating a timeless bedroom with that delicate fluidity. This painting and decorating scheme is ideal for those looking to enlarge their space, while still using colour other than a white, clean scheme.

Explore the lighter shades of the colour spectrum, and you may mix grey flooring or soft pink carpet. Our painting and decorating company recommend white trims and ceiling to accentuate natural lighting. Explore the tones of purple with darker accents and lighter primary colours.

High Gloss for a Statement

Want THE luxurious and more eclectic interior? High Gloss painting on a feature wall creates an attention-grabbing space, genuinely emphasising the ‘wow’ factor of your grand, large environment. This painting and decorating tip is ideal for anyone who has a more significant room, and wants to shine, literally.

Ready to add another layer to this bold tip? Paint your ceiling with the same shade and finish for that luxurious look. Finalise your room with statement seating and furniture, and incorporate brass and gold accents to accentuate. We highly recommend a professional painting and decorating company to achieve this look, ensuring a smooth, high-quality finish.

The Good Painter love creating more content for this series, as previously demonstrated with stylish painting and decorating with sage green and beautiful painting and decorating with terracotta. If you would like to see us exploring more shades, make sure to comment on our social media pages, and we will deliver! Contact us today for your dream residential or commercial service.

South Facing Rooms

We all feel blessed when painting and decorating a south-facing room as we are drained in sunlight and have the freedom to choose any tone or go for something a bit more vibrant. Enhance and take advantage of the glorious glow your room will have, finding a more daring tone and can genuinely be appreciated. If you are looking for a relaxing and tranquil environment, the combination of cooler shades such as blue and green balances the intensity and finalise and wonderfully pleasant atmosphere!

East and West Facing Rooms

Now reviewing the more inconsistent environment, west and east-facing rooms may change drastically throughout the day as the direction of sunlight moves once the day passes. To determine both rooms, east-facing spaces have more natural lighting during the morning, turning darker during the afternoon and evening. With this in mind, our painters and decorators believe cooler undertones are most suited as it harmonises and creates a relaxing aesthetic during the evening. West-facing rooms will take the opposite approach where the stronger light will be during the afternoon. Focus on using warmers tones such as neutrals and blushes; also, bold accents can work exceptionally well to complement the changes throughout the day.

Are you interested in a professional company to renovate and apply these changes in your home? Contact The Good Painter team today, and create the change you desire!

Luxurious Painting and Decorating tips with Purple
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Luxurious Painting and Decorating tips with Purple
You associate purple with many admirable characteristics. The Good Painter explores painting and decorating tips with purple for a luxurious interior!
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