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Painting and decorating can be a lot of fun. Whether it is a small paint job or decorating an entire house, any job can quickly look like an entire project. You knew to know what you want to do, how to do it, make the time for it, and make sure you do it right.

It is easy to do good at something you have done many times… but when painting and decorating without experience, it is easy to forget something.

So here are some reasons why you might want to consider professional painters and decorators to help you out:

1. They have a lot of experience

Painting and decorating being their job, painters and decorators know which details to keep in mind when it comes to the task. They know how to prepare walls for painting, on which bases to choose colours and finishes and how to test them. They know where to buy the best things for each requirement, so even if you are keen on buying paint and materials yourself, they have the knowledge to advice you. Operating in the area you live, also allowed them to gather experience on likely requirements like strict timeframes and aim for high customer satisfaction.

2. They are fast

Even though painting and decorating takes time, professional painters and decorators are used to working in restricted timeframes in which they do the job and clean thoroughly, so you don’t have to. While the painting and decorating goes on, you can even keep living in your own house as can be done whilst you’re at work and broken into stages. To read more about how this works, here about a family house we decorated.

3. They can colour mix and are trained in painting techniques

If you want to retouch some paint without actually painting the whole wall and you don’t know the colour, professional painters will be able to mix and blend colours until they find what you need. Painters like our offer Colour Consultation services which means selecting colours that fit your lifestyle and use paint samples under different lights and room orientation, to help find the right one. For people without experience it can be challenging to do all of this on their own and keep everything in mind.

4. They are insured

Professional painters and decorators usually have a health and safety insurance, which means you don’t have to worry about paying any bills in case of unfortunate events in your property. This can leave you at a certain peace of mind as events can happen even to the best and avoids risks for yourself. Our team of painters and decorators also provides with a 6-month warranty because we believe in taking care of our customers even after the job is completed for a 100% customer satisfaction.

5. They do all the preparation

Having selected a colour scheme for painting and decorating is the fun part. However, before that the walls and materials need to be prepared. Professional painters and decorators will prepare the walls for you, by scrapping of old paint and using sand paper to gently smoothen the surface for best application. They will use primer for the most long-lasting results and cover furniture with clean dust sheets to keep it from getting dirty and protect it from anything happening during the painting process. Usually after having helped you select the colours, painter and decorators go and provide for the materials before job begins.

6. They have accurate predictions and work within timeframes

Having plenty of experience in this field, it is easier for painters and decorators to accurately predict how much time it will take to undergo a job, what to do to fit into those timeframes and how to respond if there are unexpected events. In the case, that it is discovered that additional services will be needed, they are most likely to know where you will can these.

7. They already have the tools

Even though this may seem a very obvious reason when it comes to painting and decorating, hiring a professional painter and decorator are most likely going to save you costs as it is a safe investment as they know what they are doing, and you will not have to buy the tools if you did the job yourself. Even when buying the tools, one needs a certain amount of knowledge and especially if you expect it to be of one-job use, it is worth hiring someone.

8. They will actually finish the job

If you have ever done painting and decorating on your own, you probably know the feeling of joy slowly fading into frustration at some point at there being so much to do. The urge of quitting midway or avoiding the rush to prevent rushed results, hiring professionals is a good alternative to doings things on your own and knowing the results will be satisfying.

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On a side note, we know how difficult it can be to choose from all the painting and decorating services, but we aim to make it easy by offering the best services! We operate in a range of locations based in London and the neighbouring areas. Our customer service responds to inquiries within two hours and offers consultation as soon as the next day! If you have finally decided to get that painting and decorating done, contact us today!

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