Painting And Decorating: Apartment With Character In London
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Case Study

Success Story: Painting and decorating a unique apartment in Mayfair, London

Painting Service In Mayfair, London- Grand And Spacious Living Room With Antique Furniture

New life for a timeless classic interior

Client’s story

A few years back our clients Maria and Pavel had just bought their dream home in Mayfair, one of the most sought-after areas in London. Both from art-loving families, the couple had always dreamed of living in their own uniquely curated flat that  expressed their style and personality and provided a space to entertain family and friends. They had high standards when it comes to painting and decorating, and were set on using only high-quality finishes and products that would complement the luxurious interior.

painting service in mayfair, London- Master Bedroom. Walls and ceiling painted in Farrow and Ball All White. Skirting and architrave painted Farrow and Ball Drop Cloth.

After: painting and decorating the master bedroom. Walls and ceiling painted in Farrow and Ball All White. Skirting and architrave after painting with Farrow and Ball Drop Cloth.  

Painting and decorating to the highest standards

The brief for the painting and decorating of this London flat was to keep all the original interior features intact and carefully refinish them to create a beautiful blank canvas for the couple’s private art collection. After acquiring a number of new pieces the owners wanted to rearrange and curate them, so the painting and decorating job needed to be completed to the highest standards to provide the perfect backdrop for the art that is so dear to the couple.

With Farrow and Ball’s lightest shade, ‘All White’ being the preferred colour choice for repainting the flat, the team of painters and decorators had to make sure that all the surfaces were prepared perfectly as there’s nowhere to hide with white walls. In order to achieve a consistent and even paint finish, the team had to sand and fill in all the cracks and gaps left over from previously exhibited paintings. Painting and decorating is not just about perfect walls: preparation and protection makes up half of the job, and it was especially important with clients who took so much care to introduce each piece of furniture into their home. The tiniest drop of paint on any of their belongings would have been absolutely unimaginable.

painting service in mayfair, London- Painted Corridor. Walls and ceiling painted in Farrow and Ball ‘All White’, woodwork painted in Farrow and Ball ‘Mole’s Breath’

After: painting and decorating of corridor in the apartment. Walls and ceiling after  

“It has always been a dream of ours to move to the beautiful area of Mayfair. This is also why we went for this style of interior, as we wanted our space to get as close to the surrounding area as possible. Mayfair in London is a very prestigious and distinguished place, and we wanted to achieve this look in our home, too. Everything has to be done at the highest quality, including painting and decorating – not only because it looks good, but because it will last a lifetime!” 

A few questions for the client:

What was the primary challenge during the painting and decorating process?

For us the most critical part of the project was to exhibit our pieces in a way that made them stand out. Our goal was to achieve a gallery-style interior, where the star of the show is our carefully selected collection of authentic and unique pieces from all over the world. We have a large collection of Eastern, Oriental and European art, and we selected each piece of furniture with love and care. One of my colleagues recommended The Good Painter because we really needed a company that we could trust to carry out a perfect painting and decorating job at our London flat, and also respect our valuable belongings while doing so. We simply couldn’t have anything getting damaged or lost.

What did you enjoy most during the project?

My wife and I are both busy at work in the city during the day, which meant we needed a trusted painting and decorating service. We just couldn’t afford to stay home all day to look over the job, but we could trust The Good Painter completely to wrap, protect and take excellent care of our furniture and art collection.

I think what we enjoyed the most was how hassle free and easy the whole painting and decorating process was. We could fully rely on The Good Painter to decorate our London flat  according to needs, which saved us a lot of worry and allowed for a smooth and stress-free execution of the job.

painting service in mayfair, London- grand and spacious living room with antique furniture

After: Painted Reception. Walls and ceiling painted in Farrow and Ball ‘All White’, covings and wall panelling painted in Farrow and Ball ‘Dove Tail’, skirtings and architraves painted in Farrow and Ball ‘Mole’s Breath’ 

“We were impressed by the way the painters and decorators carried out the job and the attention and care they took to preserve all original features of the flat, as well as protecting our little ‘treasures.’ We didn’t feel anxious or worried for a second, and completely trusted the team!” 

What is your advice to anyone planning a painting and decorating project in London?

Your home is your palace, and you can fill it with almost anything – don’t let this opportunity pass you by. In our case, we wanted to build an exhibition of our life’s adventures and discoveries and we needed someone to help us achieve this dream. Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can make such a difference. Your space will immediately look refreshed and alive. Go for a painting and decorating company you truly trust, like The Good Painter and expect a complete transformation of your home, even with the minimum changes – the key here is work done by excellent professionals at the highest quality.

Success Story: Painting and decorating a unique apartment in Mayfair, London
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Success Story: Painting and decorating a unique apartment in Mayfair, London
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