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5 simple ways to upgrade your bedroom through painting and decorating

Transforming and renovating your bedroom can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience to become more positive and motivated. As we are so fond of our bedrooms and associate it to relaxation, we want to represent it in the best possible way, according to your style and comfortability.

Are you looking to transform your precious bedroom space in a short period of time? Our painters and decorators enlighten you with simple solutions to upgrade your bedroom through painting and decorating. The Good Painter dig deep in what you can do and how you can execute according to your style, taste and preference.

Repositioning bed or furniture.

Your bed is definitely the central, and more significant piece in your room, hence the name bedroom. In painting and decorating, make sure to find a position where it stays in harmony within the space. The bed should always look beautiful and inviting, so it is vital to have it proportionate to the area. Consider if your bed fits the space, is it too big for the area? If you have a larger room, does your bed sit well and not look out-of-place? A good starting tip is to consider the longest wall in the room, place your bed on this wall and position your furniture in a complementary way. This will upgrade your bedroom tremendously and allow you to create a space which makes sense.

Proper bedding is essential for the high-quality sleep you deserve and the welcoming nook for a peaceful, evening read. Add comfort with throws and cushions; we love this soft woven fringed throw by Amara! Your bed is the centrepiece of your room, so make sure it isn’t neglected, and it’s dressed to impress!

Repaint or introduce Wallpaper

As a London painting and decorating company, an obvious solution would be to give your room a fresh new coat of paint, or create a beautiful statement wall in your bedroom! This is great if your room is lacking in inspiration, and you want to refocus on the colour palette and scheme. The wall behind the bed is usually the most exposed surface, relatively easy to upgrade with paint or even a beautiful wallcovering. Commence your painting and decorating a bedroom project by introducing a feature wall. It is an excellent starting point if you’re not ready for a whole renovated look or do not have sufficient materials.

Find a colour which harmonically fits your current colour scheme or create a bold look with a contrasting paint colour. If you’re trying to achieve a space which ultimately will relieve stress and focus on relaxing, our painting and decorating team have created an entire blog post on the most popular colours to achieve this goal! Another alternative is to select a beautiful wallcovering for a more romantic and gentle touch.


Want to select the perfect wallpaper for your bedroom? Our blog post explains all from the type of wallcovering, style and colour, so make sure you read it here. Are you looking for a spring and light wallpaper for your bedroom? Our residential painters and decorators are obsessed with this Floris Wallcovering by Romo as it reminisces the blossoming branches of a Japanese garden!


Want an even simpler solution into upgrading your bedroom space? You can also introduce artwork to this wall and organise some of your favourite prints. Explore and be creative with your choices; you can fit artwork and photographs all with a relevant factor: colour, the content or subject, technique or the style. Find many limited and exclusive prints and pieces from Future Icons!

Adding comfort with accessories

Who doesn’t love finding pieces and items when decorating your residential space and home interior? Complete the look of your bedroom with elements you may not have or haven’t considered. The Good Painter are talking bedside tables, nice reading lights or even a rug to dress up your flooring. Our London decorators love this elegant and sophisticated Multi-lite Table Lamp for anyone trying to achieve a luxurious bedroom.

Make sure it is not overflooded with accessories as this may create clutter and become too busy. Overall, your bedroom is a space of comfort, so you should paint and decorate to fit the purpose. Focus on the essential things and choose pieces which will make you happy and add that unique touch!

Go smart with storage

Painting and Decorating a London Investment Property in Paddington - Bedroom

Creating smart and functional solutions for your bedroom will do wonders when upgrading! Painting and decorating is a significant impact, but you need to start with an organised space for it to really flourish and add another light. Identify the messier sections of your bedroom and create functional and comfortable solutions which fit your lifestyle, making sure everything has its place. Many solutions exist from jewellery racks, and cable tidies to wardrobe organisation fittings such as drawer dividers. Once this step is complete, it will truly create the perfect base when painting and decorating your bedroom, as even when painting and decorating, a messy place will continue to be messy if there isn’t a solution to fix the problem! Our residential painters and decorators believe this solution is genuinely impactful when upgrading your bedroom or any other space.

Organise and add finishing touches

A good clean up and organised space will be the ultimate upgrade that your residential area might be lacking. Once you have proper storage, use it! Declutter your dressing and bedside tables. Even when possessing the most stunning pieces of furniture, it won’t help create that sophisticated finished look if it is hidden under piles of books or cosmetics, for example. If you do not have much room to add side tables for decorative displays, investing in wall shelving may be the right solution for this problem, as suggested by our London painters and decorators. Another great tip, paint the wall shelving with the same colour as the wall, creating a blending illusion, and making space appear more prominent.

If you are enjoying the 5 simple solutions for any painting and decorating project in your residential setting, let us know through our platforms!

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5 simple ways to upgrade your bedroom through painting and decorating
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5 simple ways to upgrade your bedroom through painting and decorating
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