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Our Top 8 Paint colours for a positive and happy 2020

We have finally reached 2020, and everyone is ready to renovate and transform their space into a more motivating and positive environment to succeed this year! The Good Painter is here to help you create the perfect space by introducing some of our favourite paint colours for a happier, inspiring and motivational environment. As discussed, colours are a significant element to your interior as they can affect your mood and state of mind, so our painters and decorators are here to demonstrate what paint colour can be used and how it’ll help you to succeed your goals. The idea of colour psychology is further explained in our blog post, exploring the best colours to encourage a productive space. Don’t worry; they cater to every style and choice as we explore a wide range of options to experiment and choose from! Here are some colours to incorporate in your space for a positive new year:

1.Lulworth Blue – Farrow & Ball

A delightful and delicate soft blue which is perfect for the bedroom to promote calmness and tranquillity. A peaceful mind is equivalent to a positive mood, and this beautiful sea-like tone will surely increase your spirits to start the day off full of optimism and hope. It is also an ideal tone to help relieve stress. Combine with some neutral and naturalistic furniture; you have a winning bedroom paint colour!

2. Hidey Hole – Little Greene Paint

Surround yourself with this favourable, peaceful green inspired by tranquillity and the yearning to succeed and maintain positive. Hidey Hole is a charming colour which can be suitable for any room of your choice, with its lovely fast finish. It is ideal for a children’s playroom or family area to stimulate the mind and introduce inventiveness into the home.

3. Pink Ground – Farrow & Ball

A dusty blush pink with a warm and soothing finish. If you want to avoid a white wall but also don’t want to incorporate brighter paint colours, this shade is a perfect neutral which will accentuate your space while not being too overpowering. It is incredibly versatile and will put you in a good and happy mood consistently.

4. Soft Marigold – Benjamin Moore

Bring in a Soft Marigold to your home to represent the sunshine and positive atmosphere. This dreamy yellow-orange shade is meant to alter and stimulate your spirit as it adds brightness to your home and into your lifestyle. Timeless yet elegant, this Classic colour from Benajmin Moore will sure put you in a superior mood.

5. Blazer – Farrow & Ball

A cheerful and vibrant shade, which is sure to liberate high-energy and an encouraging tone. Farrow & Ball’s contemporary Blazer grabs your mind’s attention and will keep you feeling determined and motivated into whatever task you intake around the specified space. Versatile and brilliant in whatever finish, our painters and decorators believe this paint colour can be used in the kitchen or even the bedroom.

6. Lily Lavender – Benjamin Moore

A unique and gentle shade, this lavender with a touch of grey is a tone which represents royalty and wisdom. The purple range is usually noted as a spiritual colour, and it is a subtle stimulate to one’s mood when creating. A creative spirit equals a happier frame of mind, as it encourages productivity and allows for imagination.

7. Confetti – Little Greene

Elegant, classic and adaptable. This blush pink allows you to be flexible with colour palettes, and it’s a perfect shade to help relieve feelings of aggression, negativity and detachment. Suitable for children’s room, living space or hallway, Confetti will surely leave you in a calmer and positive spirit and encourage you to be collected and kind.

8. Vardo – Farrow & Ball

Looking for a rich colour which screams luxury and life? Our painters and decorators recommend Vardo from Farrow & Ball. This beautiful teal is a shade full of glee and vibrancy as it sits perfectly anywhere in your home. Let this shade brighten your winter days and inspire you daily as it makes a statement for its alluring and powerful hue.

The Good Painter loves inspiring and searching for the latest colours which will benefit you and fit your lifestyle. Whether it is in a commercial space or your property, our painters and decorators are always at your service to deliver quality spaces using the best tools and materials. If you are looking to renovate and transform your space in the New Year, contact us now and receive your quote immediately!

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