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residential painting and decorating services in London for grand and spacious living room with neutral painted walls and ceiling

Painting and decorating with spring paint colours

Muted pastels - blush, peach or pistachio interiors

Painting and decorating with this colour combo enhances the existing natural light in the space, creating a soft, delicate and elegant atmosphere. These colours can also be easily combined with complementing colours through decorations. Try using different shades and finishes of black and whites to make the colour transition and contrast more harmonic and coherent. Have a look at the beautiful bedroom from our recently completed Shepherds Bush Project for some inspiration for your own painting and decorating project.

Muted Pastels-blush, peach or pistachio

This colour combo enhances the existing natural light in the space, creating a soft, delicate and elegant atmosphere. 

residential painting and decorating for light and spacious living room with soft green painted walls, large glass sliding door, London

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Yellow, blue and white colour palettes

Yellow, blue and white make for a bright, cheerful room that’s full of character yet cosy and welcoming. The yellow in this colour combination adds a unique touch to the classic blue and white. One option for combining these colours is painting the walls in one colour and decorating with the other two. The bedroom is a place of relaxation, so try painting blues on the walls and decorating with muted or light-toned yellows. One of our favourites is this Regency Blue, which is beautifully vibrant without being too overpowering. White, being a classic colour, can easily be introduced through decorations and accessories.

residential painting and decorating for hallway with walls painted white, staircase with blue baluster, London

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White and blue colour schemes

A classic scheme for a coastal interior. This palette gives a calm, relaxing and tranquil feel to a space that is so relaxing that you might think you are already on your summer holidays. These colours are very versatile and can be integrated into any style. The classic white and blue combination creates a balance between neutrality and colour without going too bold or daring.

You can try using lighter whites when painting and decorating, in contrast to darker blues. A great choice is Paper & Paint Library’s Fuji shade as it has a lovely warm tone. For pops of colour, pick shades that complement the main shade of blue that you have chosen. Blue is also considered to be the best colour when creating a relaxing and calm home and makes a room more sociable.

residential painting and decorating for light bedroom with white painted walls and ceiling

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Shades of grey for timeless interiors

Grey interiors are a timeless Scandi look and are ideal fora sophisticated, minimal and elegant space. Combine grey with blush shades for a chic and trendy look, and use different tones of grey to set the mood for the room. If you are aiming for a homelier feeling, most of the time it’s better to go for warmer-toned greys when painting and decorating your home. Use different materials and textures for balance and to add an interesting touch to outweigh the grey. Take a look at our beautiful Chelsea project for some inspiration on how to pull off this classic look. If you ever get tired of a lack of colour, grey is very versatile and can easily be complemented. Have a look at our tips on how to easily introduce pops of colour to brighten up your interior.

residential painting and decorating for spacious living room in scandinavian style with walls painted in dusty blue, door painted in white, London

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Navy blue, pink and plum shades

A colour combination for a daring personality that is bold and striking, yet intimate. This eclectic choice of colours adds lots of character to a room. To play with the contrast, stick to this rule: the darker the navy blues used, the lighter the pinks. We love Pitch Blue from Farrow & Ball, a beautiful rich shade that has an almost purple feel to it. The plum can be introduced to neutralise the contrast, while still making a statement. If having navy blue walls for you seems a bit overwhelming, try adding accessories like navy blue rugs or cushions. When you’ve finished painting and decorating, why not add some metal accessories to finish the look?

Painting and decorating in London is our speciality! The Good Painter has transformed many interiors throughout the years and no project is too large or small for us. You can find more examples of our work here. Don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can help you to make your property truly stunning.

residential painting and decorating for spacious bedroom wih walls painted white and dark blue

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