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Our Top Spring painting and decorating Colours Trends in 2020

Need to warm your space up by painting and decorating with popular spring colours and schemes for 2020? The Good Painter wants to keep your home new, immaculate and make it the most comfortable and positive space which will help you shine and flourish this year of 2020. Finding residential and commercial painters and decorators to assist you in completing a space ready for one of our favourite seasons, we are here to give you everything you need to know from our favourite spring colours, a range of colour palettes and the latest decorating trends for your home or business. As we explore popular trends and mention our favourite painting and decorating suppliers’ colour of the year, our London painters and decorators have gathered everything you need to know to create the perfect London residential or commercial space. Lets us explore these increasingly popular top spring colour schemes to fit everyone’s painting and decorating taste and style.

Down to Earth

If you are yearning for a more stripped back, comfortable and minimal space to help regenerate and live in the moment, the ‘Grounded’ trend by Dulux is something you would want to consider exploring when painting and decorating your desired space. This palette is inspired by the idea of living in the present. As we live in an age which is fast-pace and very technology-focused, we crave the serene and peaceful atmosphere when returning home from your routine. Being grounded and making sure to tune in our emotions and feelings, reassuring that we should be content and have conscious of unwinding every so often, which we can encourage this feeling by transforming your property. Simplicity and finding elements which emphasise longevity, comfort and craftsmanship. Neutral colour tones from off-whites to taupe and caramel are the critical shades for a beautiful and straightforward lifestyle and atmosphere. Dulux’s Pancake Mix is that creamy tone which envisions this complete look.

Decorate your space with natural elements and materials such as wood and rattan—the hidden meaning of durability and longevity, pared with the painting of whites through the caramel. At The Good Painter, we love to add that extra touch of uniqueness and individuality. Use a rusty orange accent colour, or an ever-lasting blush or terracotta to emphasise the warmth environment you are trying to achieve. You may also find a range of perfect tones for this look with Farrow & balls ‘Colour by Nature Collection’, exploring shades from the natural world. This timeless scheme is ideal for the living room or your most comfortable space for this spring season.

Need a bold and elegant interior? We don’t blame you or question it, as this trend has become more and more loved throughout the painting and decorating industry as well as in interior design. Matching contemporary with vintage styles, we find ourselves exploring a colour palette which is bold, brave and luxurious. An eclectic look which includes layers and layers of colour and texture, let us explore ‘Comeback’ and please every maximalist lover with this exciting painting and decorating trend.

It’s no wonder why Pantone’s Colour of the year is ‘Classic Blue’, a timeless and enduring blue reflecting elegancy and clarity. This thought-provoking colour can be used in many manners, which our painters and decorators can’t wait to enlighten you with. Let us start big with a colour palette which focuses on combining the bolder colours. Remember the Bauhaus trend and all the classic designs from the ’20s? Create a commercial space which is full of personality, character and familiarity using clean and vibrant colours such as blues, greens, mustards and warmer tones like orange. Our commercial painters and decorators like to describe this as the ‘throwback’ space, inspired using fun elements from our past era’s and emphasising the ‘Art deco’ factor. Our painter and decorators style tip for the residential painting and decorating aspect, find accessories or furniture of emerald green such as a velvet sofa and put it against a bright and rich blue wall. This look is luxurious and creates a grand statement in the living room or bedroom

Our residential painters and decorators are here to let you know that this spring trend can also work in your home. If you are looking for a more serene and relaxing space for the bedroom, the beautiful tonal blue palette showcased in Dulux exhibits a timeless and elegant look for anyone who is looking for a more subtle look. Create a peaceful and tranquil space which feels familiar and relaxed, mix the vintage style with modern pieces and complete a sophisticated environment which is a breath of fresh air such as the spring season.

When parks get busier, and the colour green is prominent, of course, we had to mention this specific shade for our spring colour trend. Green is an excellent tone due to its versatility, variety of options and choice, as well as being beautiful and motivational. However, our painters and decorators are focusing on Sage Green for the spring season, a muted and soft tone allowing your space to feel more natural, organic and fresh. With ‘Tranquil Dawn’ being Dulux’s colour of the year, this colour is a noteworthy addition and a favourite in painting and decorating companies. This colour can be almost used anywhere within your commercial or residential space to improve your wellbeing and transmit a soothing aura. Our London painters and decorators consider pairing this green and decorating it with more pastel tones, or light lilacs and plums when creating a luxurious focused look. Interested in discovering more? Visit Dulux’s Colour Forecast trend and get inspired!

If you are looking for residential or commercial painting and decorating company in London, The Good Painter has completed a range of successful cases transforming properties and environments to dream spaces which will let you inspire! Contact our painters and decorators now for a quote!

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