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How to select the perfect wallpaper when painting and decorating

Want to select and find the perfect wallpaper when painting and decorating your home? The Good Painter is here to guide you and give expert tips on everything wallpaper and interior decorating. Want to discover all the wallcovering options? Looking for a painting and decorating service to find the best quality wallpaper for whichever room you need to decorate? Our painters and decorators cover it all on this blog post, so you can feel confident in your interior decorating and finding the wallpaper for your dream home and space!

Using Wallpaper

Before finding a wallpaper which you are fond of and deciding the style of it, it is essential to establish how much wallpaper you need and how you will be using it for decorating within your interior space. There are many styles and approaches in using wallpaper, whether it’d be for a bedroom, bathroom or living room. Depending on what tone you’ll like your place to set and how it will fit harmoniously within the interior design, some options will fit better than others.

If you are looking for a complete wallpaper transformation in your room and looking to cover all your walls, a simple and less volume wallpaper in a large scale space will create a fresh, contemporary look. If you are keen on a bold wallpaper throughout your space, make sure it is balanced with the furnishing and doesn’t become too overbearing.

Want to incorporate wallpaper and painting when painting and decorating? The Good Painter love this style as the options are infinite and create beautiful spaces when experimenting. Wallpaper with painted wall panelling is a great way to add dimension and dynamic to your area, whether it’d be to spice up a hallway or create an atmospheric and luxurious bathroom. Find an excellent example when painting our International Restaurant project, demonstrating this painting and decorating technique is suitable for residential and commercial interiors.

A feature wall allows you to pick wallpaper containing a bold pattern to highlight and create a focal point of the room. It is a fabulous and subtle choice when renovating your space, and can be used almost in every room such as a bedroom to replace a headboard or a living room to highlight the comfort or relaxation spot.

Want something for extravagant and daring? A ceiling wallpaper is a different but unique choice if wanting to change things up. Elle decor gives you many inspirational options when wanting to create a magical ceiling. A vinyl ceiling is fashionable and formal, so make sure to choose something which will not clash with the rest of your interior and decide if you’d like to focus on just one room, or be consistent with others.

The beauty of wallcoverings is that you may find choose from many materials and textures for your residential painting and decorating. If you’d like to add warmth and character to your home, textured walls are a fun option and can instantly enhance a room while helping you mask any signs of wear and tear.

Consider the tone of your room when painting and decorating with wallpaper. Upholstered walls are favoured by designers, painter and decorators as it allows the space to be more welcoming and personal, bringing the room together and intriguing. Many wallcoverings can be purchased with a variety of materials such as linen, grasscloth and silk if you’d want something more than wallpaper. The Mendel Wallcovering by Romo fabrics is simple yet has a range of elegant colours for your living area.

The final step in considering and selecting the perfect wallpaper for your painting and decorating project is finding and making sure the tone and design fit the interior design and style of your residential or commercial space. Analysing the style of your room will let you experiment and achieve a stimulating space full of character.

If you’re painting and decorating a traditional room, or have historical influences, finding intricate patterns such as damask or using clean shapes will create a lovely touch. If you’d like a bolder wallpaper or something which will complement well in the dining room or living room, a beautiful floral and natural accent wall will give that unique touch to your space. We love our Victorian House project and its dining room using the De Gournay wallpaper.

Need something bold? Our London painters and decorators recommend a striking and bold geometric pattern, as it is very forward and increasingly growing. Be experimental with colour and scaling of shapes and patterns! The beauty of a painting and decorating job is there are no limits when finding your best option. Looking for something luxurious for your commercial painting and decorating project? Our commercial painters and decorators use a textured grey wallpaper for our  Lakemore project, creating a sophisticated element to the commercial space.

Allow your painting and wallpaper decorating project to be fun, limitless and creative! Our experienced team offer high-quality painting and decorating services to complete your wallpaper job promptly and efficiently. Visit our Wallpaper Hanging service online and get a quote now from The Good Painter!

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