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Case Study

Painting and Decorating a Commercial Stores Exterior

Painting the Exterior of well-known Commercial Store

Our client Magnet is a well-known brand that helps you create your dream kitchen by personalising, analysing and delivering a smart service for your full kitchen requirements. The Magnet stores needed to renovate the exterior of the shops down in Fulham, Canterbury and Brentford while remaining open to the public.

The Client Brief:

The Magnet Stores needed works for the exterior sections of the stores. Our painters and decorators were in charge of painting and decorating the exterior, with specification of working from mobile towers, close to the stores public parking and one elevation being close to public pavement. The Good Painter knows how important it is to keep your business running, that is why we deliver hassle-free and secure services to make sure there are no disturbances while we deliver a quality job.

Firstly, we made sure to use Dulux Trade Metalshield Zinc Phosphate Primer to paint the bare areas of the store. It is used as a preparatory coating to allow a smooth surface to be painted on top and for long term durability. The primer was used on the metal vertical cladding, trims, gutters and downpipes, ensuring every detail and area is considered when restoring the exterior.

Painting the Exterior of Magnet Commercial Store (01)

“The Good Painter were nothing but professional throughout the whole renovating and restoring project. It’s refreshing finding such a pleasant team that delivers quality service and are truly passionate and knowledgeable in what they do and how they achieve it. We are thrilled with the outcome, so much so we have used their services for our two other stores down in Brentford and Canterbury. We trusted their plan of action and knew that the magnet stores were placed in good hands!”

After the layer of primer, we used the Dulux Trade Cladshield using colour Ice Storm 2 to keep the consistent theme of the store exterior. Our painters and decorators added the first coat as a base and to add resilience. Usually, for exterior painting, this is important to achieve and ensure paint coverage. Our team then applied the second layer after 2-4 hours with the same colour and certified the whole property was covered and retouched smoothly with no gaps or mistakes.

Dulux Metal Shield Zinc Phosphate Prime   Dulux Trade – Ice Storm


What was the main challenge during the painting and decorating project?

We were in a situation that ideally, the store should still be opened and in business, but it had to be worked on also. The team were worried that it could become a bit of an inconvenience or disruption to the customers, but it was completely fine and such a hassle-free process. The job was done relatively quickly given the time frame, which was our priority when working on the stores.

Did the Good Painter meet your expectations and requirements?

Definitely! We were all very impressed by how easy it was to run while being worked at the same time. They planned it efficiently, seeing our busiest hours and worked around the schedule to keep the process as straightforward as possible.

What would be your advice to anyone planning a painting and decorating project?

Establish your essential requirements and organizing yourselves before works, achieving a smooth process. Find an experienced service which knows how to operate and work on Commercial projects, as it is different from a residential project where the public isn’t considered. Find someone professional in the area; that way, they already have an initial understanding of what is essential or not.

Our Painting and Decorating Service

Want to get your business refurbished and in high-quality standard? Our professional painting and decorating team are available all day, every day to provide excellent results and friendly, hassle-free service. The Good Painter team has many years of experience to offer an efficient and exceptional service within any deadline and notice, never too short. Find out more in getting your exterior restored by requesting an online quote at For more information on our Commercial painting and decorating services, visit our page on, and experience our quality services. You are guaranteed a result which will leave you satisfied and exceeding expectations!

Painting and Decorating a Commercial Stores Exterior
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Painting and Decorating a Commercial Stores Exterior
The Good Painter worked on 3 different Magnet stores to renovate the exterior and create a clean, quality finish to attract clients.
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