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Case Study

Painting and Decorating Luxury Retail Store in Mayfair

Success Story: Painting and decorating luxury Retail Store in Mayfair

Ralph & Russo have asked the Good Painter to renovate their five story-building Store located in Mayfair to emphasize and highlight its luxury and high-end feel. A well-known brand for producing designs that are contemporary, timelessly elegant and desired, they wanted their environment to reflect their message and attract customers.

Client Brief:

The client wanted to renovate, retouch and transform this high-end store, displaying it in the best quality and the potential it had to offer. The Good Painter created an efficient schedule and planned to work on this large store within the time specification, so it was able to open in time and shortly for the business to continue running. Our painting and decorating team worked from the Lower Ground Floor to the fifth floor, guaranteeing a thorough examination of any designated retouching and restoring areas within the luxury store.

We deliver high-quality services and nothing less; therefore, to commence works, we know that the safety and well-case of any project is a requirement. The Good Painter team starts with protecting every surface and furniture within the store. We understand that many items cannot simply be removed or relocated, therefore, it is our job to certify that everything is prepared and secured before painting.

To restore any holes and fill in hair cracks, we used the Ronseal Wood High-Performance Wood Filler. This was applied to create a smooth surface before painting and to ensure everything is repaired in detail. Once everything is prepared and primed, we used the Dulux Trade Colour Sensor to find the desired and suitable colour to accentuate the brand’s goal.

The colour of choice for the walls was Dulux’s Chic Shadow, a beautiful and contemporary grey shade which is subtle yet elegant in combination with the furniture and pieces. Our team wanted to find a perfect shade to demonstrate that timeless and luxurious feel, which would fit nicely in the Mayfair area. Keeping the overall subtle and elegant feel to the building, woodwork, ceiling and wall panelling was painted with the Dulux Trade Diamond Eggshell Brilliant  White.

“The Good Painter helped Ralph & Russo achieve that refined glamour look we wanted to achieve and restore. The property now fits and corresponds with elegance, and the overall style and look is now refined and luxurious. We’re delighted and mesmerized with the outcome, delivered in such a timely manner also!”


What was the main challenge during the painting and decorating project?

Our objective is to create a timeless and sophisticated space, to represent our brand and to attract customers and make them feel comfortable and enlightened. We need a trusted and professional service that knows how to work and deliver — a team proving to show dedication and passion to the project just as much as we did. The Good Painter was able to tick all those boxes, and from then, there was no challenge.

Did the Good Painter meet your expectations and requirements?

Yes, our space is now in the highest quality it could be, and it was considered and handled so carefully. The painters and decorators were nothing but helpful throughout the whole process, and we didn’t feel the need to interrupt them as they worked efficiently and with care.

What would be your advice to anyone planning a painting and decorating project?

Make sure the company you work with has the relevant experience with commercial projects and can tick the requirements you need. We made sure to study and find the most suitable company for us to work with. When you already have prior knowledge of the services, it is less to think about during the planning.

Our Commercial Painting and Decorating Services

The Good Painter delivers a range of services to residential and commercial properties across London. From houses to retails stores, we provide it all with a professional and efficient team. If you would like to view more of our case studies, please visit our website! For more information about our services, visit and find the most suitable service for you and your project. We’re here to deliver all day, every day to keep our clients satisfied and fulfilled.

Painting and Decorating Luxury Retail Store
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Painting and Decorating Luxury Retail Store
The Good Painter works on luxury retail store Ralph & Russo in London, painting and decorating the five-story building back to elegance.
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