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Painting and Decorating a Trendy Cafe in London

Painting and Decorating a Trendy Café in London

Manna Dew is the first gluten and sugar-free bakery, patisserie and café in Battersea High Street, London. Creating an amazing range of delicious foods and bakes, they wanted to create a start-up to represent their business and space. The space needed to be trendy and have a friendly atmosphere, making it just as exciting and fun as their treats.

Client Brief

The project consisted of painting and decorating the space containing the dine-in restaurant, take-out food area, back of house kitchen area and a customer toilet. The main objective was creating an environment which is trendy to attract customers, as well as being comfortable for clients to return and enjoy. When discussing the concept and brief of the client, they informed us that they wanted a Tiffany inspired environment. Green was a symbol colour as it’d go hand in hand with the product and message. A natural approach to a natural brand where it focuses on health and providing a range of options for everyone to enjoy.

After discussing the concept and ideas, we decided to paint the walls with a wide-reaching stripe pattern of Farrow & Ball’s James White No.2010  and Farrow & Balls Teresa’s Green. Both colours worked well together in harmony and created a softness which adds the subtle, stylish atmosphere. High-quality tools and materials were used, and a lot of attention to detail to create a slick and clean finish when combining two colours on the wall.

Farrow & Ball James White (Left)

 Farrow & Ball Teresa’s Green (Right)

Ceilings were painted according to the lighter, creamy neutral of the walls to create a large, cosy environment, while the Teresa green highlighted any bespoke joinery or furniture which was already built-in.

The Good Painter also focused on adding tiles within the space, on highlighting areas of the café, but to emphasise the trendy outcome we were aiming to have. We used the Vintage Grey Classic size 25cm x25cm from Topps Tiles. The design is bolder, which added a statement to the Café and translated the brand message of exciting treats when entering the space.

“The Good Painter was very good at listening to our concept and expressing the idea into reality. We wanted our start-up to be something which truly reflected our brand. Being the first gluten-free café, bakery and shop in the area, we needed someone professional with a great amount of experience to deliver.”


What was the main challenge during the painting and decorating project?

We needed a reliable source and supplier to help us bring our lovely business to the market. We’re here to treat customers with our delicious bakes, and we wanted the whole experience to be complete with an environment to match. 

What was the most pleasant experience throughout the process?

Everything was pleasant once we knew the Good Painter team was very attentive and enthusiastic about the job. It’s refreshing to have a company which shows passion when working, as passion translates to quality work. We were all delighted with the concept and the journey of making the dream environment. 

What would be your advice to anyone planning a painting and decorating project?

I think for a project to be successful; communication and self-assurance are vital when completing a space on time. Once the concept is settled, and everyone ideas are considered, it was pretty much smooth after as we left the professionals to do what they do best.

Our Painting and Decorating Service

The Good Painter creates a pleasant and professional service to every hospitality project needed across London. We are available all day, every day and make sure to meet requirements, especially with businesses looking to start-up.


If you are looking to transform your business and need a reliable, quality service to do the job, The Good Painter is here to create a pleasant experience with you!

For more information on our painting and decorating services, visit our website and get started with the business environment you have always dreamt of. 

Painting and Decorating a Trendy Cafe in London
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Painting and Decorating a Trendy Cafe in London
The Good Painter worked on a start-up café to deliver a comfortable and trendy atmosphere to attract customers in London.
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