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Case Study

Painting and Decorating Large Office in High Holborn

Painting and Decorating Large Office in High Holborn

A Sports betting Company was looking to create an exciting environment and a good representation of their brand and tone, using a similar colour palette to fit the furniture. The Office needed works on the 4th and 5th floor of their site, including repainting walls, ceilings and woodworks.

Client brief

Betbull’s environment lacked the excitement and animation which the brand needed to portray and translate. The business approached The Good Painter in need of ideas and an exciting concept to renovate their space into something which the employees and workers would appreciate and gather inspiration. They wanted to transform their space into more than just an office and needed it to be done in a tight schedule. The Good Painter was able to complete 2-floors of the office efficiently with high-quality tools and materials to create a long-lasting finish.

As a company, we understand the importance of keeping to a tight schedule and delivering service with minimal disruption. Before works, The Good Painter prepared a detailed, accurate plan to establish everything that needed to be done and when it would be completed. Planning is a critical step when delivering a quality service, as you and your client establish and cover any specific requirements and have a clear understanding of the process. Working in an office environment, our painters and decorators made sure to protect every surface and furniture. Now everything is established, our painting and decorating team can commence working and delivering an inspiring space.

The Reception

The first area is dedicated as a communal space and to prepare the beginning of a working day. We wanted to create a space which was comfortable and still in theme with the overall area. Also, we wanted to take advantage of the natural lighting coming in through the number of windows. For reflection and absorption purposes, we used Dulux’s brilliant White for the walls nearer to the windows and adding colour and expressiveness with Dulux’s Oxford Navy blue on the small feature wall. The colours matched wonderfully with the vibrant red of the furniture, equivalent to the business’s logo and colour scheme.

Working Area

The most dedicated and significant space was, evidently, the office area where the majority of the individuals will be. Using the desks and furniture as a starting criterion, our painters and decorators wanted to extend the theme and distinguish focal points such as the betting’s taking place on the tv screens.

Using the Lamp Room Grey by Farrow & Ball, it retains a sense of timelessness and softens in a large well-lit room, such as the office. This grey carries a more traditional, under blue tone which creates a fitting colour for the scheme carried. Complimenting the half grey wall with the consistent Brilliant White for the majority of walls and complicated ceiling structure.

For the feature wall on the right side of the working area, we used the same Navy Blue. This area was dedicated as the ‘chilling’ space with trendy furniture already installed in the office. We wanted to create a stimulating but relaxing environment which was subtle and still allows the community to focus and feel relaxed. The Good Painter used this theme and palette for the majority of the rooms, as all had a relatively similar purpose and objective. This distinguishes and separates the business from other companies in the shared Town Hall building. Also, we thought painting the radiators the equivalent colour to the wall will create a blending illusion. We were not adding a distraction or focal point if painted with the commonly used white.

Conference rooms

A room which is very open and requires pure concentration, we wanted to generate as much light as possible from the ceilings artificial lighting. Therefore, all the walls were painted with Dulux’s Brilliant White. This created a room purely committed to focus and dedication with meetings or presentations.

Kitchen and Relaxation area


Renovating one of the essential rooms in the facility, we focused on genuinely emphasising the relaxation area, along with the kitchen, to make an environment which was comfortable and enjoyable to be in. This beautiful seating area with the window was highlighted using the Dulux Lighter shade of Blue 50BG 32/114. This was the sanctuary for the room as it is the most appealing space when wanting to take time out and relax. Our painting team wanted to appreciate the unique structure of the area by emphasising it.

“I was very impressed with the efficiency and hardworking ethic of the Good Painter team. We didn’t create an easy task with our time requirements as the renovation needed to be quick yet maintain a quality which would last for the long term. The Good Painter delivered a space so true to what our brand represents and to our specification, we were thrilled with the final results. Extremely content with space and the whole team loves it!”

Kitchen and Relaxing room were finalised with Dulux’s brilliant white. We noticed the furniture had a lot of character and uniqueness to some of the pieces already used; therefore, we wanted to maintain the simplicity of the room and canvas the items.

Questions to our Client

What was the main challenge during the painting and decorating project?

I think our importance of having the work meeting to the schedule was the main focus for us. We needed a professional and competent team to deliver a fantastic job within our timeline. Luckily, we were recommended The Good painter who did precisely that. Offered every advice and supplied a detailed plan which created this beautiful space!

What did you enjoy the most during this process?

We loved all the colour choices, schemes and selections of the overall office. We thought it was an exact fit to our companies branding and our logo adjusts perfectly within the space. We had an idea in our heads incorporating furniture which matches our scheme, but the additional effect the team included using the colours for specified areas in the room, was brilliant and pivotal.

What would be your advice to anyone planning a painting and decorating project?

Have a plan. Communicate with the service you are using and make sure everything is precise and clear. It’s vital that you and the team are on the same page on what needs to be achieved and when. Very delighted with the service we received as we were left in ease throughout the whole process.

Our Service

The Good Painter offers a high-quality and professional painting and decorating services for all large-scale offices and business around London. Our expert team are here to transform your workspace into something which you’ll be eager to visit every day. If you’re interested in our services, visit our Office and Workspace page to enquire and receive a quote now!

Painting and Decorating Large Office in High Holborn
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Painting and Decorating Large Office in High Holborn
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