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Case Study

Success Story: Painting a newly-fitted Office in Sloane Square

Property History:

Our clients head office is initially located in Dubai and had recently opened a space in Central London to grow their company and business. They are a company which aspire to deliver target returns over an investment cycle through all market conditions. Containing a smaller team opposed to the large office space, the client wanted to create a luxurious feel to their office which includes 2 conference rooms, the reception and a joint workspace with kitchen and dining table.

Client Brief

Having a business already in Dubai, we viewed an image of the Office to have an initial understanding and feel of the space. The Good painter wanted to create a similar atmosphere and ambience, but not create a replica of the space. Being a smaller space to start as soon as possible, we needed to deliver an elegant space in a relatively limited schedule for business to run and commence.

One of the main messages for their brand and company was: “to build a firm that achieves extraordinary results by a team committed to sustainable performance”. To achieve extraordinary results, they need to gain motivation from a space which is inspiring and stimulating. Considering this, we delivered a high-quality and luxurious space in a one-floor office which showed a true light of the company and the level of worth they offer.



Starting with the first room that potential clients and workers will see, we wanted to pay close attention to the reception in regards to the design and how we wanted to exhibit it. Keeping in mind the logo sign will be located on the wall, we wanted to emphasize this by creating a feature wall which would work correctly with the future furniture.

This tone was the perfect light grey as it’s easy on the eye and would work wonderfully with the finishes of the space. A luxurious ‘true grey’ which doesn’t contain blue or red undertones, we thought this tone exhibited that elegant shine to the room which didn’t allow much natural sunlight. The ceiling and skirtings were painted in Dulux’s Brilliant White for that sophisticated and refined quality finish.

Osaka 36159

The chosen wallpaper was from supplier Tektura using the Osaka 36159. This raw silk texture with matt finish in combination with the Dusted Moss 2, creates a perfect balance and accentuates the refinement of the company and its working environment. Our goal was to maintain a clean and continuous look throughout the space, using light, elegant greys. This would allow furnishings to shine through and give it a wholly polished and stylish appearance.


Main Office & Kitchen

With a beautifully fitted kitchen, we wanted to keep the same wall colour consistent with the reception to the meeting rooms, to the office area. Using the same colour on the cabinets and wall, we focused on painting most of the walls with the consistent Dusted Moss 2.

Highlighting the cabinet area and printing space, we used the Bamboo 05 by Tektura to add a bit of texture to the gaps on the wall. We thought it was a delicate and subtle choice of pattern and texture which creates a focus to the eye without being distracting. Maintaining the Brilliant White on the ceilings, skirtings and radiator, we thought this consistent look worked beautifully through the entirety of space. Space to have an elegant, functional and relaxing social area, which is well translated with the pure grey and right choice of wallcoverings.

“We wanted our office to represent our brand and objective. I believe The Good Painter executed and completed a brilliant job which determines what our business is really about. Space was painted smoothly and precise, and the area was left extremely clean, something we were very pleased to see once jobs were done.”

Questions to our Clients

What was the main challenge during the painting and decorating project?

Our focus was to represent the brand in its correct and accurate image. We wanted the office and workspace completed in quite a tight schedule to start our business. It was exciting to see a vision of what we wanted and to receive a space which shined of sophistication and luxury, was spectacular.

What did you enjoy the most during the process?

The journey and job were done smoothly and completely hassle-free. A fantastic result I believe, is what every company finds enjoyable. You can finally visualise the location you’ll be spending the majority of your day at. The message and quality of the company were correctly translated within the space.

What would be your advice to anyone planning a painting and decorating project?

Finding a service which you can trust when explaining your plans and concept. The Good Painter follows the correct procedure when transforming a commercial space, which makes them an excellent company to work with. When leaving the job to professionals, you experience the quality and hassle-free journey which takes care of your worries and doubts.

Our Painting and Decorating Service

Looking to rebrand your office but don’t know where to start? Our professional painting and decorating team are on hand to provide excellent results and friendly and worry-free service. The Good Painter serves commercial and residential projects in any possible timeframe and within your requirements. For more information on our commercial painting and decorating services, visit our commercial painting and decorating page, and experience our quality services, guaranteeing a result which will leave you satisfied and exceeding expectations!

Painting a newly-fitted Office in Sloane Square
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Painting a newly-fitted Office in Sloane Square
Newly fitted commercial office in Sloane Square gets a clean, smooth painting and decorating job by The Good Painter just in time before commencing work.
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