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Case Study

Painting and Decorating of New Build Houses

Painting and Decorating of New Build Houses

The Good Painter delivered painting and decorating services of new build townhouses in Seven Oaks. Our experienced team worked closely with the property developer to provide a complete and sterling job within the strict timeline specified.

Client Brief

Betbull’s environment lacked the excitement and animation which the brand needed to portray and translate. The business approached The Good Painter in need of ideas and an exciting concept to renovate their space into something which the employees and workers would appreciate and gather inspiration. They wanted to transform their space into more than just an office and needed it to be done in a tight schedule. The Good Painter was able to complete 2-floors of the office efficiently with high-quality tools and materials to create a long-lasting finish.

Time schedule and specification was a key priority with this project. Our professional team understands the importance of delivering a project on time and in its best possible condition. Therefore, we work flexible hours and work around your business hours to provide your ideal space on time. Our painters and decorators executed the project with accurate planning and communicating, this allows us to exceed your expectations and guarantee you a hassle-free service with minimal disturbances.

As we are working with the interior of new build houses, we needed to ensure everything was smooth and prepared before commencing the painting job. Our professional team examined every surface and confirmed if everything was ready to go, in order to avoid any mishaps or delays during works. The Good Painter worked on bedrooms, kitchens, living areas, bathrooms and windows, ensuring all rooms were completed in a high-quality and brilliant finish. Our painting and decorating team provided a space which would maximise the success and profit of the new build development.

Our Services

If you are looking for a hassle-free and quality service to assist you in your new build project, our experienced and professional team will deliver a refined and appealing interior to attract potential tenants and occupants, no matter the time or budget. We understand the importance of time requirement and limited schedules. Therefore, we offer flexible hours and will work around your business to provide a space in its best quality and on time. If you’re interested in our new development and new builds painting and decorating services, request an online quote now!

Painting and Decorating of New Build Houses
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Painting and Decorating of New Build Houses
The Good Painter delivered painting and decorating services to new build houses in Seven Oaks.
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The Good Painter
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