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Westbourne Terrace, London

Painting and Decorating a London Investment Property in Paddington

Success Story: Refreshing a property back to it’s High Standards


This investment property in London is located on the second floor of a Victorian building in Paddington. Containing 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, The Good Painter had the privilege to revitalize this stunning property back to its high standards when it was first purchased.

Property History:

Our client purchased this apartment a few years ago where it was refurbished in high quality. The property was rented to several tenants which inevitably will cause a bit or wear and tear and lose the quality it had before. The Good Painter focused in rejuvenating the high-end apartment by painting and decorating the two bedrooms, bathroom and open plan kitchen and living room.

Client Brief:

After – Kitchen

Our painters and decorators focused on refitting the kitchen cabinets and adjusting the cupboard hinges, which now open and close smoothly without drag. The bathroom tiles were re-grouted and the main bathroom silicone, while the ensuite suffered from a leak caused by the above neighbour. The Good Painter team made sure to repair the water-damaged ceiling and restore it to its quality. You can find our post all about painting and decorating ceilings here. Additionally, our team replaced all the extra bits and bobs like the blown bulbs, refitted the loose shelf and fixed the radiator cover.

Painting and Decorating a London Investment Property in Paddington- bathroom

After – Main Bathroom

Due to the original paint schedule being misplaced, a survey was required in order to match existing paint colours. Our painters and decorators repainted the walls and woodworks of the master bedroom, space bedroom, en-suite and main bathroom, kitchen/living room and the hallway using the 90YY 73/040 and 10YY 73/042.

After – Master Bedroom


“I can tell you, returning to the apartment with everything fixed and completed reminded me why I was in love with this property the first time I purchased it. With different tenants renting it, The Good Painter restored my confidence and let me know that with a professional painting and decorating service, you can restore anything!”


What was the main challenge during the painting and decorating project?

Due to the misplaced paint schedule, we needed to find the matching paint colours, which was an additional step. The Good Painter team however did sort this quickly and, once it was resolved, we could start the transforming process.

What did you enjoy the most during the process?

The result of renewing what it once was back to its high standards! It was a real satisfaction and relief that the property I invested was back to its deserved quality, and I can say even better! The process was swift, and I trusted how the team worked as I could see how they handled everything with care.

What would be your advice to anyone planning a painting and decorating project?

Really communicate with the team in what you want and plan efficiently before works! This way, both you and the painters and decorators understand what is going on and no problems will be raised during it. The Good Painter did a tremendous job in clarifying everything, and I couldn’t be happier with the service I received!

Our Painting and Decorating Service

Want to get your property refurbished and in high-quality standard? Our professional painting and decorating team are on hand to provide great results and a friendly and worry-free service. The Good Painter has worked with businesses, houses and apartments to provide an efficient and exceptional service within any deadline and notice, never too short. Find out more in getting your property restored by requesting an online quote at https://thegoodpainter.co.uk/. For more information on our residential painting and decorating services, visit our residential page on https://thegoodpainter.co.uk/residential-painting-london/, and experience our quality services, guaranteeing a result which will leave you satisfied and exceeding expectations!

Painting and Decorating a London Investment Property in Paddington
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Painting and Decorating a London Investment Property in Paddington
The Good Painter works in a high-end London investment property, refreshing it to bring backs it’s deserved high standards.
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The Good Painter
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