How to Perfectly Paint Your Wooden Furniture?

Painting is one of the easiest ways to update the look of any space as part of home renovation without putting a dent on your budget. Aside from painting your walls to give your room a fresh look, you can also paint your wooden furniture to make it look brand new without having to spend a lot on repurchasing or investing in new furniture. As well as providing residential painting and decorating services, we also understand during this time; you’ll like to stay motivated at home, so we’re introducing new easy projects for you to complete and be entertained! But since painting is more than just picking colours and applying paint, The Good Painter is here to offer you tips and tricks on the correct steps in painting your wooden furniture for flawless quality and look, from our London painters and decorators:

All painting and decorating projects should begin with preparing the work area. This is the same with painting your wooden furniture where it is critical to protect and clear out your space. Choose a spacious area in your house where you can put your wooden furniture and paint it without any hassles.

But if it’s not possible to move your furniture, you have to cover other furniture or décor in the area with cloth and do the same with your floors so you don’t get paint and dust in surfaces that are very hard to remove later on.

Before applying anything on your wooden furniture, make sure that it’s free of any residue or dirt that may make it impossible to apply the paint later on. Use microfiber cloth, soap and warm water to wipe down your furniture and let it dry before applying anything.

You can also use wood fillers to fill in any holes and chips and a putty knife to smooth out any uneven surfaces. You may allow wood filler to slightly protrude above surface, as this will be sanded out later and provide you a smooth surface.

Once the furniture is cleaned and repaired, residential painters and decorators suggest that you start sanding to remove the existing finish so that the new paint will hold easily and last for a long time. Make sure that every part of the furniture is sanded properly, especially the corners and cracks. Wipe the dust after sanding to get the furniture ready for priming.

Priming is a must to make sure that you get the best result from your painting project. Apply an even coat of primer using paint roller for bigger surfaces and paintbrush for trickier areas. We highly recommend Farrow & Ball Wood Floor Primer and Undercoat because it’s easy to apply and holds properly.

Finally, for the exciting part of this project, you can already start painting your wooden furniture. If you haven’t chosen the right colour yet, you can visit our blog for some inspirations on different shades of paint for wooden furniture. It’s always smarter to invest in high quality paint even if it means paying a little more since you can guarantee that it will hold properly and last for a long time without chipping easily or being toxic.

You should also decide if you want a glossy or matte finish for your furniture. Once you have the colour and finish sorted out, you can start by applying one coat of paint to see how it looks like on your furniture. For best results, leave it to dry and add an additional of two coats of even paint, guaranteeing the best results!

Now if you don’t have the time to do the painting yourself, you can always team up with a painting and decorating company for the job. Contact us now and we will be able to assist you with your painting and decorating jobs in your London home! And if you need more tips and tricks, check out The Good Painter on Instagram or contact our team if you are doing a home renovation.

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