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Our Top Tips for Painting and Decorating your Rental Property

Our Top Tips for Painting and Decorating your Rental Property

Are you looking for a successful 2021? Of course, you are! The year is finally coming to an end, and we want to achieve everything we didn’t have the opportunity to by supporting each other and gathering inspiration. If you are looking to refurbish your home entirely or need to prepare your property for rental, our painters and decorators are here today to guide you on our painting and decorating tips. Here are our top tips in painting and decorating your rental property and creating the perfect rental home for tenants. Let us get your London property ready for 2021.

Less is more

When painting your rental home in London, it is a common mistake that you plan it to be something which fits your taste and your perception of what will look good. Although this is allowed, you have to keep in mind not many people will appreciate the same colour scheme or fancy as you. When we approach a rental property, our initial thought is the opportunities and envisioning what you can transform it to be. Our painting and decorating company suggest keeping a neutral colour scheme and painting the walls a lighter colour. It will encourage people to rent and gives the illusion of a larger space and room, being the perfect palette to select to emphasise your purpose. Many of our clients opt for the Pure Brilliant White from Dulux, as it is that beautiful reflective shade ideal for every interior surface.

Ensure your wall and surface are ideal to complete your painting job. Our residential painting service will complete this with high-quality materials, combined with years and years of experience. We will fill any holes or cracks, sand down surfaces and ensure a high standard finish to create a spotless clean London rental home.

Step on the flooring

When we review and explore flooring options, our painting and decorating company want to advise you in some choices you may want to avoid. Invest in good quality flooring! You will either find flooring high-quality but means you may need to contribute a bit more in or discover something cheaper and risk having to change it quite often for the next few years. Evaluate your rooms and consider which area will have the highest traffic, as it will inevitably suffer from wear and tear.

Avoid fitting light and luxurious carpet for your rental property. Why? It will be more evident and visible of wear, and you risk extortionate bills in having them cleaned just in case of an accident. Our painting and decorating company advise going for laminated or tiled floors in spaces such as the living room, kitchen, bathroom and hallway, for example. You can invest in a high-quality laminate, which is durable and easy to clean. Read everything you need to know about flooring here.

Professional Residential Services

It is vital to find a quality London painting and decorating company to complete your job. Not only you will save time and cost on materials, but you can assure that everything will be left spotless and ready. What The Good Painter offers is professionalism, top-quality and an uncomplicated process for your dream space. No matter the size of your property, our residential painting and decorating services will provide everything you need to make sure your London home is unrecognisable. Our painters and decorators will also leave you with a Finishes schedule for your future reference, including all the colours and materials selected for any future upgrades. You can trust us to deliver an immaculate space, and to its best image, so you can succeed in your task.

Contact The Good Painter today and book your painting and decorating project next year! We wish you all a Merry Christmas and hoping a Happy New Year!

Our Top Tips for Painting and Decorating your Rental Property
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Our Top Tips for Painting and Decorating your Rental Property
Let us aim big for 2021 and prepare your space for success! Here are our painters and decorators tops tips for painting and decorating your rental property in London
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