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residential painting service for yellow painted living room with floor to ceiling windows

Why use yellow for painting and decorating

residential painting service for yellow painted living room

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residential painting service for yellow painted living room

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Yellow is definitely a colour that we see more and more of. It is a colour that should not be underestimated and can have an incredible effect on the people that are surrounded by it. There is a lot of controversy about the colour and mixed reactions, which is why to use yellow when painting and decorating, it is important to understand how and what to combine it with.

Yellow is a happy colour, that is often associated with optimism, clarity, sunshine and warmth. Being surrounded by elements of yellow can lead to feelings of happiness and enhance creativity. However, the wrong use of it or simply too much can lead to overstimulation, anxiety and even physical effects, like eyestrain. That is why our painters and decorators recommend using yellow with different undertones of yellow or using it for decorating.

How to make the most of yellow when painting and decorating

painting service for residential bright living room with playful colourful interior

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residential painting service for yellow painted room

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Yellow can be a quite difficult colour to work with. That is why before painting and decorating it is important to find the right colour and choose the right rooms.

Yellow being the first colour that children see, makes it a good colour to be used in their rooms. Remember that too much of the colour can be overstimulating. Our painters and decorators therefore, recommend a muted canary yellow or use elements of yellow in the room through decorating.

You can also try using it in the hallway as this will make it happier and welcoming for guests. If your hallway has stairs, you can even use other bright colours in combination with the yellow to lighten it up. To find other ways of adding pops of colour, here is our 5 step guide

If you have decided that you want the colour in a room, you can try using it in the living room as it is a colour that facilitates combination. You could use the colour when painting one of the walls and make it a feature wall, and then add a furniture item like a sofa in front to create the effect of colour blocking. However, if you don’t feel like painting and decorating your walls yellow but you want to integrate it slowly, create a statement door by painting it your favourite yellow.

Lastly, you can also introduce yellow to your interior design by combining it with other colours. One option could be combining the colours: yellow, blue and white. This is one of our colour combinations we recommend for painting and decorating in spring. To see other options, here are 5 colour schemes for spring in 2019

What to avoid doing when decorating and painting with yellow

playful interior design for spacious dining room with yellow painted walls, wooden table, yellow chairs and grey and yellow carpet

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playful colourful interior for living room with yellow and white walls

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Yellow is a complicated colour: it is best avoided in some rooms or at least used with care. Even though you could almost always make yellow work in some sort of way when painting the walls, it some rooms, decorating may be a better idea.

Firstly, yellow is usually a colour that will benefit from a lot of natural light. Even though it can often be used to brighten up a space that is dark, the lack of sunlight may give it a darker colour than wanted. That is why our painters and decorators use paint samples when offering Colour Consultation services and suggests to keep in mind the nature of the light and room orientation.

Unless muted or a creamy yellow, this colour should probably stay out of the bedroom and be kept for areas like the living room or kitchen. Also, avoid combining yellow with red or orange as it will make the room look alarming, rather than joyful.

Our painters and decorators usually recommend complementing the yellow with either greens, blues, pinks or greys. These colour combinations can be used in rooms like the bathroom to give an energising start of the day or a refreshing last moments of it.

Lastly, when painting and decorating, even when you found the perfect colour, depending on the results you want to achieve, less is more. If you have chosen to stick with bright colours, you want to implement these when decorating, whilst muted yellows with undertones can be used for painting entire walls

Final Notes on painting and decorating with yellow…

Our painters and decorators completely understand if you opt for yellow. We would gladly help you pick that perfect yellow if you are unsure, through our Colour Consultation services. We use paint samples and test those in different exposure to daylight and room orientation until we have found what you are looking for. We also help with the actual painting and decorating process and will help you find a colour scheme that suits your lifestyle.

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