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Scandi style

What is the Scandi trend and where did it come from?

If you are unsure of what the words fika and hygge mean, they most probably sound familiar to you. These words come from Scandinavia, which apart from being considered the happiest countries in the world by the UN World Happiness Report, are also the creators of many trends including the Scandi look for interior design.

The painting and decorating trend focuses on simplicity and minimalism rather than sophistication and started as a movement in the 1950s in Scandinavia (Norway, Denmark and Sweden). It is mainly about the use of earthy colours and embracing nature in one’s home through its materials. Being an answer to those long winter days and an attempt to bring cosiness into their homes, the Scandi look successfully spread and became increasingly popular.

How to use the Scandi trend when painting and decorating

residential painting service in London for living room with bright pink walls and wooden furniture

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residential painting service for kitchen with dining area in scandinavian interior style with warm cwalls and wooden furniture

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Rusty reds and oranges

We have attended the biggest interior design event in Scandinavia at the Stockholm Design Week 2019 to figure out the real essence of the Scandi Style. Burnt orange is a colour that caught our eye in particular because it is not a colour one sees often for painted walls.

Whilst orange by itself is a very enthusiastic and creative colour, when it is too much or too intense it becomes straining for the eyes.

This burnt orange we saw though, manages to give out a homely and warm feeling, which being restful for the eyes. Our painters and decorators found it interesting that all the earthy colours used for the Scandi style can work in the same colour schemes, whilst being different. For example, this burnt orange works perfectly when combined with earthy greens or browns.

You can also try and integrate blue-grey into your room using elements like blankets to give a homely feeling.

Keep in mind, that the Scandi styles focus lies within painting and decorating, while keeping things minimalistic and most decorations having practical use. This however, can simply be used as a source of inspiration.

If you are looking for a warm rusty red that will add personality to the room, our painters and decorators recommend this colour

residential painting service in London for living room with soft green walls, white ceiling

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residential painting service in London for living room with soft green walls, white ceiling and big windows

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Earthy Greens

Colours that are more earthy fit right in with the style, by embracing nature and introducing it into your own home. These sorts of greens give freshness to the room, feelings of warmth and cosiness.

As the Scandi style is mostly about functionality and simplicity, painting the walls a soft earthy colour allows the reflections of the light to make the room more spacious and brighter. As there is little natural light in winter, warm or natural white light LED lights are often used to make the room more cosy. If you want to go for a more modern look, try out cooler toned light bulbs. If you want to make the most of the earthy colours you have chosen for the walls, our painters and decorators recommend mirrors or reflective lamps to make the room look brighter and more spacious.

You can also try and decorate using earthy colours of other undertones like bases of brown.

If you are considering of using earthy green to bring a bit of nature home, our painters and decorators recommend this colour

(Lastly, the Scandinavians have a strong focus on eco-friendliness, so if you really want to be as close to the original trendsetters as possible, the Norwegian company Kid Interior only sells good with cotton made in Africa under strict ethical standards.)

residential painting service in London for painted brown room

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residential painting service in London for spacious bedroom painted mustard colour

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Earthy Browns

Browns in general is a colour that is stable, practical and relates to the importance of family and companionship by enhancing a sense of belonging. This fits in very well with the idea of the Scandi style, which is to create a home that is comfortable to oneself, family and friends.

It is a colour that can be close to neutral but can come in many different undertones. When choosing a colour for painting and decorating, you could try using an earthy brown with red undertone for a bit more colour. If you want to add a bit of colour, you could combine the brown with blue green decorations or split the wall into two segments and paint the wall half and half. This can give an original twist to that simple brown. If you want to decorate using the same colour scheme, you could decorate with green elements to bring nature back to your home for some peace.

When decorating, you could also add some colourful candles if you want to add some colour without it overwhelming or falling out of the style.

If you have made up your mind for that brown, our painters and decorators recommend this warm brown colour

Final Notes on using earthy colours for painting and decorating…

If you decide to follow the trend set by the Scandinavians but are unsure where to start, our painters and decorators will assist you at whatever you need. We offer Colour Consultation services using paint samples to help you find that perfect colour for painting and help you build a colour scheme around it for decorating. We work all week long, seven days a week to provide you with the services you need, and our customer service responds to queries within two hours.

Can’t wait to begin with the painting and decorating?

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