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Beautiful Painting and Decorating tips with Terracotta

At The Good Painter, we love exploring popular or forgotten paint colours to transform your home into a beautiful and unique space. As our painters and decorators explore many elements and features in your home, there are unlimited methods and solutions on how you can paint and decorate with some of your favourite colours. If you’re a warm, neutral lover, this is the blog post for you as we examine the comfortable and pleasant shade named Terracotta. Create an earthy interior which is modern and sophisticated with this particular shade. You do not have to incorporate Terracotta through plant pots strictly; in fact, we have seen an arising trend of comfortable and healthy spaces with neutrals and warm hues to uplift your home. Here are some beautiful painting and decorating tips to explore with this gorgeous hue!

Statement Walls

Our painting and decorating company love a statement, feature wall, especially within a living room or bedroom to create an excellent dynamic space and a focal point when decorating. Of course, we can create a simple solution by painting the wall with a beautiful terracotta shade. Currently, we are loving the Tuscan Red by Little Greene, chalky and intense for a modern and natural look. A vibrant or sophisticated wallpaper will also do the trick, we even have a whole blog post on choosing the perfect wallpaper when painting and decorating your home!


Painting doesn’t have to be the sole solution when finalising your statement wall; brick wainscoting is a gorgeous solution to create something warm, cosy and traditional. Experiment this look with the neutral or beige wall colour, and complete the toasty atmosphere you dreamed of for your London home, which may be lacking some natural materials. If you need some inspiration to determine which look you prefer, Pinterest has a whole topic about brick walls which you can explore and gather ideas from. Create a unique statement wall within any room of your interior with the terracotta shade

Flooring & Surfaces

Create a Mediterranean-inspired look with Terracotta floor tiling and neutral surfaces. Simple, high-quality tiles such as Alicante terracotta Hexagon from Mandarin Stone can transform your space to create a raw and natural atmosphere. The beauty of having a terracotta shade is, it’s not complicated to find other materials and elements with it, so you’re not limited in painting walls or furniture.


Our painters and decorators also love the look of glazed staircases with a fluid colour scheme. You can incorporate eye-catching patterns, or keep it simple and modern, following a Japandi interior design style with this colour scheme. Allow yourself to accentuate your natural, warm London interior while thinking outside the box with switching surfaces and experimenting with materials.

Bold Statements

You’ll be thrilled to find out how many beautiful statement pieces you’ll be able to find with the terracotta shade. From stained glass partitions to mirrors and furniture, you can create the ultimate comfort at home with some eye-catching elements. Want to go bold? You can fully commit to the colour by painting walls, have a matching terracotta rug and introduce some plants with the pots. A monochrome colour scheme is always a fantastic use of this colour as it creates the ultimate warmth.

Be outgoing and creative with your space, find pieces which will stand out to decorate and experiment with placement and how far you can go with it. Want a statement armchair? This Driade Roly Poly Armchair doesn’t take up too much space and will definitely catch attention. The key to using terracotta is to maximise the texture when decorating your space. The colour is supposed to portray comfort and create a raw and natural look, so bringing a mix of texture will complete this task.

Are you interested in knowing how to paint and decorate with other shades for the summer? The painters and decorators at The Good Painter are always available to help, inspire and create expert tips and guides, so your space is looking as beautiful as ever! Want to transform your home or business space? Contact us now, and we are sure to complete your goal.

Beautiful Painting and decorating tips with Terracotta
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Beautiful Painting and decorating tips with Terracotta
At The Good Painter, we love exploring popular or forgotten paint colours to transform your home into a beautiful and unique space. As our painters and decorators explore many elements and features in your...
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