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residential painting and decorating services in london for spacious dark open plan kitchen and living room with black painted walls, white ceiling, large white sofa, black cabinets, and black dining area

Using dark paint in your home

Dark interiors –  they look and feel sophisticated and cosy at the same time. However, many of us seem to be afraid of them when painting and decorating and often worry that they might appear depressing and unwelcoming. If you’re one of  the brave ones and would like to embrace  darker colours, read our 5 top tips on how to help you make the most of your space and create a snuggly, warm environment.

Keep the ceiling light, when painting and decorating

Leave the top of the area above wall friezes – as well as the architraves – white, or the same colour as the ceiling when painting and decorating. This will make the room look taller and less boxy, and the depth that it creates also makes the room look bigger. Keeping the ceiling light guides the eye upwards, making the ceilings look higher. You can also use lamps or chandeliers to reflect the light and give the appearance of a more open space.

residential painting and decorating for spacious living room with black painted walls,London

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Jazz interior up with paint colours

When the walls are painted dark, it gives you a great opportunity to play on the contrast. There are so many darker colours to choose from, but one of our favourites is Studio Green by Farrow & Ball, a deep dark green that wakes up the space and really brings interiors to life. You can decorate using light-coloured decorations and by not covering the windows to make the most out of the natural light, and using mirrors makes the room appear even more spacious. You can also use whites when painting and decorating, although take care to choose a subtle white that does not create an aggressive contrast to the dark, but rather a balance and cohesion.

residential painting and decorating for spacious living room with black painted brick walls,London

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Let it glow

Style with metallics. Add brass, nickel or copper candlesticks, cases, or even glittery statement cushions. Use the metallic finishes to make the most of the natural light, reflecting it to create a deeper sense of dimension and make the room lighter and cosier. The darker coloured walls add emphasis to the decorations and accessories used.

residential painting and decorating for living room with bright blue painted walls, white painted ceiling, wooden floor, large brown leather sofa, fire place and dreamy decor, London

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Paint it like you mean it

Paint it like you mean it. Be brave and paint all the walls dark. A statement wall might simply look insecure and could even make a small room look smaller. By embracing the size of the room and the colour you have chosen, you can convert your space into one that is intimate and cosy. If you know you want dark walls but can’t decide which colour to go for, get some inspiration by browsing Paint & Paper Library’s extensive collection.

residential painting and decorating for dark kichen with black painted walls and black ceiling, cabinets, dining area

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Maximise the light

Use reflective surfaces. Different rooms offer a range of opportunities for this: in the kitchen, you can use chromatic shiny elements and kitchen surfaces to make the most of the light available. In other rooms, you could hang mirrors and use glossy finishes of paint to reflect and make the room appear more spacious. With a dark room, you should not forget the ceiling as this can be used for a unique touch and to illuminate the room.

If you’re thinking about painting your ceiling but aren’t quite convinced, read our post about it to give you a bit of encouragement.

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