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How to paint and decorate your Hallway for a great first impression

Everyone wants to make a good first impression whenever it’s showcasing their transformed or renovated home, exhibiting a new room or finally welcoming visitors for the house warming. You want to start with a bang, and your hallway and entrance will be the first thing your friends, family or visitors will see. The Good Painter is here to offer some significant tips and tricks, so you have a hallway to remember and amaze your guests!

Two-tone Walls

Many tend to keep a hallway or entrance simply by painting in one colour for all walls and keeping natural woodworks or white ceiling. Our objective as a painting and decorating company is to introduce new painting tips to add that extra bit of something and elegance to your residential home. If you have trouble working with colour, yet you want to avoid the bland look, why not go half and half with a two-tone wall? Our painter and decorators think this is a simple yet strategic project which will allow an elegant and layered look, while still keeping it simple to fit the style of your home. It will feel a bit off having a bold hallway which doesn’t fit the look of your existing minimal home.

Colour ideas include pastels, neutrals or lighter spring and summer colours such as different tones of sage green, soft blues and pink blushes. Find our top spring 2020 colour trends now for some colour palette ideas and unique schemes. The slight difference in tone will create a space which appears larger when entering and still contains a contemporary, modern feel for an inviting home!

Shapes & Optical effects

Suppose you want to create a new playful and engaging hallway, experiment painting and decorating through changing proportions and adding accents to lead to your other rooms in your London home. Like the two-tone effect, play with the proportions of your room using lighter and darker shades. Paint your hallways base with a lighter shade to create a more spacious environment. Take a darker colour and paint a darker wall to the far end of the hallway, where it leads to the living room or kitchen. You can create a less busy and more open environment by painting woodworks, doors or stair rails with the lighter shade. Determine the approach and outcome you’d like to achieve and allow yourself to be creative with the layout of your hallway.

Another painting trick our painters and decorators would like to share is adding accents lines or patterns and shapes to the hallway. Create intriguing looks such as painting a striper wall to the side of your entrance, or in combination with the two-tone look, define this with a straight accent line throughout.

Contrasting tones

Create a real statement and impressive hallway to your London home with experimenting colour pallets and contrasting tones. Our painters and decorators have briefly talked about the variety of colour schemes which are within the world of interior design and painting and decorating. Find gorgeous complementary colours to add in your hallway. This complementary colour palette generator will assist you in selecting the perfect shades for you, which attract your eye the most. Finding a pair of intense shades, for those who love to be bold and extravagant, will guarantee to turn the forgettable space in your London home, to one which will be your statement! Ensure that they harmonise and they can equally standout, creating mood boards and comparing colours will be your focus when planning your hallway, You may find inspiring colour palettes in Dulux’s Comeback colour trend, vibrant and navy blue is usually a favourite within this look.

Decorating final touches

Our painters and decorators assure you that even decorating and finding unique touches will already create a massive impact on your hallway without the need for painting. Decorating your hallway will already lift the room and avoid the stigma of being unimportant. If you want to bring colour in and add a bit of character to your London home, purchasing and obtaining artwork will unquestionably wow your guests and catch their attention. You may find some beautiful, unique pieces in Quintessa art, ensuring you select the print to fit your taste and home interior.

Introducing plants as well will immediately lift the spirit of your London home and create a fresh and positive space. Our aim as a painting and decorating company in London is to create amazing first impressions and impactful spaces in high-quality.

If you’re interested in our residential painting and decorating services, our experienced painters and decorators are ready to make that dream happen and provide you with a space which is flawless and completely durable, using the best tools and materials for the job. Receive a quote today, and we will create a fantastic opening to your home.

How to paint and decorate your hallway for a great first impression
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