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How to Perfect the minimalist look with painting and decorating

Do you love the minimalist approach within residential and commercial spaces, but unsure on how to apply it to your space? Our London painters and decorators are here to assist you in perfecting the minimal look through some expert painting and decorating tips!

This style works significantly well in dynamic interiors for young and single professions, individuals looking to add organisation to their life and family homes to create a children-friendly interior space. The minimalistic design is a fun, sophisticated and modern look, widely popular in this age as we focus on well-being and considering the more important aspects of life. Eager to finally transform your London property into a relaxing and tranquil space? Here is our residential and commercial painting and decorating guide to complete the perfect minimalistic look!

Step 1: Create the Perfect Base

Our guide commences on focusing to create a fit enough space before painting and decorating. Our first and very critical step is to declutter and organise your interior space, to create more fluidity and storage. Our London painters and decorators understand how hectic city life can be, that is why we are trying to achieve an atmosphere which is clean, mess-free and organised to accentuate comfort.

Invest in rattan baskets to organise your throws and blankets, as well as turnkey solutions to keep any unnecessary items stored neatly and discreetly. This Decor Walther basket can be the simple solution, and also fits the minimalistic decorating aspect. Learn to praise the comfort and complete this vital step for your perfect minimalistic space!

Step 2: Create the Perfect Colour Scheme

The colour palette genuinely contributes a significant amount when perfecting the minimalistic residential look. London painting and decorating companies work closely with colour palettes as many factors are considered when choosing the perfect scheme for your home or office space. Our painters and decorators created a variety of blog posts in regards to selecting the correct colour scheme, tone and trends, so make sure to review the most relevant blog post to you!

When choosing the right paint colours and palettes for a minimalistic interior, focus on neutral and light tones based on off-whites. You want to avoid the sterile and hospital feel as it is quite a muted scheme, that is why warmer, neutral tones are perfect for experimenting with. Muted tones are essential here; also, you may follow the monochromatic trend. This painting and decorating style is ideal for the minimalistic effect and creating a more intriguing interior.

Step 3: Create the Perfect Texture and Material Selection

Proceeding to decorate your residential space to fit the minimalistic style, our London painters and decorators believe that injecting texture into your property will be that impactful element. Natural textures such as wood, linen, rattan and wool, will allow your space to reconnect with nature, and evoke that sense of calm which defines minimalism. Our painting and decorating services include fitting moulding, wood panelling and wood flooring, making sure a beautifully prepared woodwork feature at home is clean and stands out.

How to decorate your space? For a bolder look, introduce tassels, trims and weaves. Make sure to use natural and sustainable materials and mix and match. Don’t be sceptical when purchasing statement pieces, a beautiful rug such as the Hand-knotted Amelia from Anthropologie can complete the space.

Step 4: Less is more!

What defines the perfect minimalistic look? Convenience. Your residential space needs to reflect quality, functionality and balance, which is what our painting and decorating company aim to do when completing your services—purchase and display items or accessories which will be a functional element in your everyday life. Hanging plants are perfect for a minimalistic look as it allows you to retain space, and adds a fresher, cleaner look to your area. Create convenient display and storage solutions from wall shelving, and embrace a high-quality lifestyle by using tools and materials which are durable and long-lasting. The minimalistic look can be a beneficial one into an individuals well-being, as well as a beautiful atmosphere to be in!

The Good Painter is a London painting and decorating company who works every day to transform spaces and emphasise a positive environment. Our painters and decorators are passionate about what they do and will elevate your home or business into the best possible image. Contact us today if you are looking for a change and create a dream space into reality!

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5 simple ways to upgrade your bedroom through painting and decorating
Do you love the minimalist approach within residential and commercial spaces, but unsure on how to apply it to your space? Our London painters and decorators are here to assist you in perfecting the minimal look ...
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