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6 Decorating Tips for a Health-Focused Interior

Looking to Create Health-Focused Interior Design for Your Home?
It’s true that the way we decorate our homes actually has a significant effect on the way we feel from day-to-day. Did you know that there is such a thing as healthy decorating? It’s time to focus and decorate on your health. At The Good Painter, we have a wealth of ideas and decorating tips to ensure you capitalise on that well-being interior you’ve always dreamed of. Here are just a few of them you can get started with right now.

Clean Space, Clean Mind

All painters and decorators will tell you that you need to focus on space and how you use it before breaking the paint out! Make sure you declutter your desk with smart storage solutions. A messy space is going to clutter your mind throughout the day. It’s impossible to relax when you have a chaotic space that is all over the place! You could get some useful tips on our ‘how to perfect the minimalist look with painting and decorating’, there are many organisation tips there to increase your well-being!
Consider moving away from open storage. A well-being interior will encourage you to put items away securely when not in use. Try not to go overboard on the decoration, either. When painting and decorating, less is sometimes more!

Create a Relaxation Zone

Don’t have anywhere to head to when you want to relax? One of the best decorating tips we can offer is that you add a characterful corner or nook where you can easily unwind. Why not add an exotic touch or two? Decorating with the intent of creating a separate or magical zone, ready to unwind from daily routines and stressful lifestyles will create that distinction. This will be the perfect addition to any healthy decorating you have in place.
Think about light colours and gentle theming, too. London painters and decorators will help you pick the best shades and tints. If you would like to find specific shades for a soothing interior, House Beautiful selects some beautiful options!

Bring in the Plants!

Plants not only look lovely, but they can help to purify the air from room to room. You can quickly reduce stress by bringing in a variety of potted plants and shrubs to brighten up your space. A health-focused interior can make the most of plants and greenery by adding light, pleasant touches along the way.

Never Underestimate the Power of Fragrance

Believe it or not, smell can have a tremendous impact on healthy decorating. For example, you may wish to focus on fresh breezes through strategically placed windows. Plants, again, can help in this regard. Try and introduce essential oils and candles, too, to breed a feeling of calm.

Colour Theory

As a leading painting and decorating service, we of course focus on colours in all that we do. The colours you choose for your home will impact hugely on your mental and physical health alike – believe it or not. Neutral, natural colours are superb for creating instant calm. Our blog post is full of posts about the best colours to fit the purpose! You may have access to it here.
Healthy decorating with blues, greens and beiges will help you create a pleasant, balanced atmosphere, too. You don’t have to stop at your walls. Choose pleasing carpet and furnishing colours alike.

Removing Features Which Drive Down Calm

There are, sadly, going to be a few interior design features which impact negatively on your sense of calm. Try and avoid patterns and heavy textures too much – as this could help to overwhelm your overall mood, as well as the atmosphere in your home. Heavy fabrics and textures, too, are likely to choke things up.
Try and choose sheer fabrics and items – it’s a healthy decorating standard!

Want to Know More?

The Good Painter offers experienced painter and decorator services London homes and businesses rely on. Need help re-imagining a healthy new space? Call us or get in touch online now!

6 Decorating Tips for a Health-Focused Interior
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6 Decorating Tips for a Health-Focused Interior
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