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Our favourite Teal paint colours for painting and decorating

Blue has always been a favourable and flattering colour used by many London painters and decorators, and many clients are choosing more blue every year. Especially this year Classic blue being Pantone’s colour of the year 2020, there are many shades which we need to discover and use for that perfect interior. Our painters and decorators see the admiration for this particular shade. We saw how great the reception was for our favourite shades of yellow! Therefore, we have dived deeper to find 8 of your favourite teal shades to use for painting and decorating your London home or business, because who doesn’t love the blue and green combination with its resemblance to the sea? Here are 8 dreamy shades for your commercial or residential painting.

Farrow & Ball - St Giles Blue

Photo Source: Farrow & Ball

Want a blue which will catch a good impression? A vibrant yet clean blue whose name gained inspiration from the 17th century St Giles House hall. St Giles Blue is a tone for anyone who wants to be bolder in their painting and decorating and is suitable for commercial painting when wanting to create an exciting and motivational atmosphere.

Photo Source: Interiors by colour

Need a tropical colour for painting and decorating a London home? Benjamin Moore’s Caribbean Blue Water depicts a positive aura which will leave you in a consistent and happy mood, and leave your residential space engaging and enticing. An extraordinary colour which can be used for commercial painting and loved by interior decorators.

Photo Source:  Farrow & Ball

Chinese blue is named after its inspiration to the blue and white patterned Chinese ceramics. Our painters and decorators find this shade to be the perfect blue that would work for any part of your interior space. Creamy in appearance and wonderfully reflected in natural lighting, this is an option which won’t disappoint.

Photo Source: Little Greene

Moon shadow is just as dreamy as it sounds. Painting and decorating with this shade allow you to be creative in your commercial space or residential space and exceed the norm of having strictly painted walls. Want some ideas to add some colour to your workspace beside painting walls? Visit our blog post for inspiration and insight. Our painters and decorators love the versatility of this tone, and there is no restriction or limit in creating a beautiful interior space using this colour.

Sanderson - Tropical Palm

Photo Source: Style Library

Need a tone which is more towards the green hue? Tropical palm is the perfect choice for you to achieve that idyllic and paradisiacal room you’ve always yearned for. Bold in choice, our painters and decorators were drawn to mention this shade for its uniqueness and vibrancy.

Little Greene - Marine Blue

Photo Source: Little Greene

Darker and atmospheric, Marine Blue is ideal for anyone achieving a moodier setting which is comfortable and pleasant. Our painters and decorators suggest this is great for a bedroom or even a commercial London setting in a communal area which is available for relaxation.

Photo Source: Benjamin Moore

If you’d like something more gentle and soft, St Lucia Teal will be the tone to consider. This timeless tone is excellent when selecting a neutral palette for your residential space. Finding a reliable painting and decorating services in London will allow you to perfect the art of this colour and give you a space to die for!

Dulux UK - Neptune Seas

Neptune Seas visibly being a blue with grey undertones and being a darker option; this shade focuses on targeting commercial painters and decorators due to its versatility and preference. The beauty of this blue is that it can work for almost every space and element in the interior.

The Good Painter have many more of our favourite shades, so make sure to follow us on Instagram and keep an eye out for our blog page!

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