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What are The Good Painter’s favourite office colours, and why?

It is not always easy to decide how to paint your office or workspace. Colour therapy has taught us that different shades and hues can have a remarkable effect on our mental health and wellbeing! People choose different colours and shades because they want to feel calm, energised or creative. The best colours for office painting can vary depending on the spaces you are decorating. But what are some of our favourite colours?

As experts in office colours and in painting and decorating workspaces, we have chosen the best styles we think will inspire workplaces and creative spaces across the UK.

1. Stiffkey Blue (Farrow & Ball)

This rich, modern blue is fabulously elegant because it is both deep and glossy. It is one of our favourite colours because it works wonderfully with neutral shades and whites. What’s more, it is a perfect shade for accent or feature walls, and to help inspire a calmer mindset. It is superb for focus!

2. Studio Green (Farrow & Ball)

As the name suggests, Studio Green is perfect for painting and decorating offices with a creative slant. We love this shade of green because it inspires health and wellbeing. It encourages harmony and rejuvenation, and it is brilliant at building a more optimistic workplace. It’s also amazingly versatile because it works so well with all lighting types.

3. Charmed Violet (Benjamin Moore)

Charmed Violet is a blend we are very proud to offer our clients.  Purple is confident and inspiring, and therefore, it works brilliantly as part of any commercial painting and decorating strategy. It works best in creative spaces as well as on accent walls in general offices.  We like this colour because it is so timeless. There is a key balance between classical and contemporary here which is otherwise hard to achieve.

4. Pointing No. 2003 (Farrow & Ball)

This fresh, yet warming shade is ideal for softening rooms, and painting and decorating services London and elsewhere will often choose it to complement louder, more dynamic colours. We love this shade because it works wonderfully with natural light, and off-white works perfectly with commercial spaces and general offices.  It’s an all-around choice you can genuinely rely on.

5. Strong White No. 2001 (Farrow & Ball)

This white option is much cooler, but it is another of our favourite colours for a very different reason. The Strong White helps to build a contemporary, focused tone. It’s subtle and versatile, meaning that you can easily blend it with more dominant colours depending on what you require. It’s a great option for delivering inspiration without ever going too heavy.

6. Oval Room Blue (Farrow & Ball)

Finally, one of our favourite blues is a shade which actually creates warmth and hope. This shade is a peaceful choice for painting and decorating offices of all natures. Combining with an off-white blend, you’ll help to create a true sense of togetherness and collaboration, more so paint colours help relieve stress and relax. When painting and decorating workspaces, what more could you need?

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Here at The Good Painter, we understand that your office colours and decorative choices are crucial. The right colours and shades can inspire productivity and success! We will always be happy to help renovate and rejuvenate your commercial space and offices. We will work flexibly around you so that you lose zero business hours during decoration.  Choose a colour palette that inspires your team and your client base! Find out more about what our office painters and decorators can do.

Our favourite colours to paint your Office
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The Good Painter share our top favourite paint colours to transform and renovate your office and workspace.
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