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How to enhance your bathroom through painting and decorating

Our painting and decorating company are here to achieve exquisite residential and commercial spaces by offering exceptional services, providing helpful tips and delivering expert guides in every aspect of painting and decorating. The Good Painter found our previous blog of upgrading your bedroom to be a success, so we have returned today to allow home and business owners to create an immaculate bathroom through simple painting and decorating solutions. What features and solutions can significantly enhance your bathroom? Let us discover inspiring and imaginative ideas to create a space fit for relaxation, calm minds and an escape!

Let’s get colourful!

Our London painters and decorators are encouraging and emphasising the use of colour in bathrooms, whether it’d be through walls and further, or just furniture and accessories. We have found many beautifully white clean, monochromatic and neutral bathrooms. Still, this article aims to enhance, to wow and create a magical little environment which will allow you to unwind. If you are starting with colour, or want to keep a fluid layout to a simplistic neutral colour scheme, and you pop of colour through accessories! Towels, storage solutions, toothbrush holders! Many bathroom accessories enable you to enhance your bathroom, even delicate and gorgeous soap dishes such as this Cascade Pink Lace dish will be that small little touch and detail to upgrade your bathroom into something bolder.


Currently, we love an ombre paint effect wall with natural cool colours such as blues, greens and teals. Who doesn’t enjoy a tropical-looking bathroom, especially in a residential setting? Accentuate a holiday atmosphere and mood by imitating waves and the illusion of the sea. Not only this will add an intriguing and inviting look, but it also fits perfectly into a real relaxation environment to keep your mind calm and at ease. Blues and greens are the perfect colour for tranquillity; you can learn everything about it on our post about the variety of paint colours which allows you to alleviate and stress and help you relax!

Furthermore, be experimental with your bathroom space and painting. Go beyond and further than walls by painting your ceiling! Imagine you are lying down the bathtub and you focus on a strikingly coloured ceiling. Imitate that sky effect and illusion, explore colour through other features of the bathroom. Paint doors, bathtubs, window shutters and more; embrace the architectural features of the space with monochromatic schemes. Create the focal points to enhance the bathroom truly!

Decorate for its purpose

Occasionally, you may be stuck or lacking imagination when it comes to decorating a bathroom. We have trained to accessorise and decorate a living room or bedroom, as these are larger areas which allow more options and exploration, so why bother with decorating a bathroom? Our painters and decorators remind you that we use the bathroom every day, and it is a critical area in your property as we start and end the day in the bathroom. So what is the harm in adding decorative touches to enhance it? If you’re stuck and unsure about what to add, it is our job as a decorating company in London to help you and inspire you with some astounding pieces!

Can you guess what we are starting with? It is hugely praised in our painting and decorating blog, but plants and greeneries truly is the best emphasis for a beautifully, healthy space. Not only it looks lovely in this setting, creating a spa-like atmosphere, it also increases the well-being of a room and purifies the air. Besides, with sophisticated vases and plants pots to use like this gorgeous piece from West Elm, the options you have to choose from are limitless!

Want to add character? Adding artwork and statement pieces in the bathroom can is a significant solution and fun option to enhance your bathroom! Find charming decorative accessories which fulfil a functional purpose, such as this intriguing Seahorse Glass Decanter piece. A statement mirror will also accentuate the space by making it more substantial due to natural lighting, and can instantly elevate the room.

Finalise your bathroom with carefully thought out and stylish storage solutions. At The Good Painter, we love having order and the perfect final touch to enhance any space is organisation and cleanliness. They correlate with improving a room as it is all lovely to buy magnificent pieces, but they may not be portrayed in the best light as they are hidden with mess or disorganisation. Our painters and decorators process is to deliver beautiful spaces, and cleaning them, so the outcome is depicted in its best light! So many suppliers offer amazing and stylish storage solutions for the bathroom, so you are spoilt for choice!

Are you interested in enhancing more rooms and reading more on this series? Let us know by leaving comments and sharing your opinions on our Instagram. Our painting and decorating company are here to assist you daily, so make sure you follow and don’t miss out on some fantastic tips! Contact our London painters and decorators today and receive a free consultation to transform your property or business!

How to enhance your bathroom through painting and decorating
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How to enhance your bathroom through painting and decorating
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