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Painting and Decorating ideas for a Small Living Space

Painting and decorating ideas for a small living space

Many of us dream about living in grand houses with massive rooms that we could fill to our heart’s content. The actual truth of the matter is that not many of us necessarily need a lot of space, and are perfectly comfortable in smaller homes. Could painting and decorating services help us adjust easier, however?

Why should your apartment feel restricted or cramped? It might be time to start thinking about decorating to create a greater sense of space.

Although the size of your room may be perfectly adequate for you and your belongings, that does not mean that you will want to make the room feel more confining. In fact, if you are planning on painting and decorating a small living space, then you will definitely want to read on for some of The Good Painter’s professional tips!

Nature is your friend!

One of the best ways to decorate any room, including smaller spaces, is to bring nature inside. The idea is that by almost mirroring what is outside of your home, inside, there will be a natural flow into the outside world. Before you bring painters and decorators in, this can help you to make the room feel more spacious.

Bringing in some small to large house plants is the easiest and most common way of doing this. In fact, it is a trend that has become increasingly popular over recent years due to the calming effect that plants can have in a home. To keep with the same theme, consider having natural-toned colours, such as deeper greens, yellows, reds, etc. Why not ask a London painting and decorating company for more advice?

Mirrors create grand illusions

It will come as no surprise to you that possibly the most suggested tip from painters and decorators is to use mirrors to create the illusion of largeness in a room. Placing a mirror near a window, for example, will give the impression that it extends further into the room, and, therefore, gives the impression of it being more prominent.

Another wonderful thing about mirrors is that they reflect light very well. Especially in darker rooms, having one or more mirrors will help the light to be projected more around the space. This works wonders in any small living space.

Create symmetry for balance and calm

Symmetry in any room is an excellent way of optimising space. The idea behind the symmetry within the room is that it is naturally more calming to look at, as you will see an organised space with objects and furniture that have been placed purposefully. Any painting and decorating company will say the same!

In order to create symmetry in a small living space, you should start by creating a sort of focal point in the middle of the room. You could use a coffee table, a piece of art, a plant, etc.

Then, the surrounding furniture should be placed parallel to or diagonally to one another. Remember that you are creating a balanced look, so try not to put too many objects on just one side of the room. Residential decorating is more than just splashing paint about!

Use vertical stripes!

Experts working for professional painting and decorating services will tell you that vertical stripes are a must for small rooms. These stripes give the impression of rooms being thinner and taller.

Painting and decorating your walls with stripes of either two or more colours will automatically make the ceiling in the room look like it is higher, giving the space an altogether bigger feel. The use of multiple colours as opposed to one could also help with the depth of the room.

Balance light and colour

Choosing the right colours for your room will primarily depend on your lighting. Painting and decorating services will advise that darker rooms should not necessarily be painted in darker colours, for example.

Dark colours are not the enemy, and if you decide upon a darker shade for your room, then consider the ways that you could play with the light in order for it to maintain a lighter feel. Different facing rooms will work depending on the lighting. You can find out more about this subject on our blog!

Consider adding some extra light fixtures or lamps. Mirrors around the room will help reflect whatever light is present, too! Smaller spaces don’t have to struggle. Sometimes, making the most of them really is as simple as rethinking the light before you start decorating.

Need help from a painting and decorating company London homes rely on? Contact The Good Painter today and get your quote for even the smallest of spaces! Call us on 0207 760 7672 or email us via [email protected].

Painting and decorating ideas for a small living space
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Painting and decorating ideas for a small living space
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