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Need some inspiration for painting and decorating this Christmas? The Good Painter is here to offer up some festive tips!

It’s the most festive season of the year: Christmas! That means homes across the world are getting ready to welcome family and to decorate their spaces. Want to really wow your family and friends this festive season? The Good Painter is here with some fantastic Christmas painting and decorating ideas you can put to use at the last minute.

Choosing a Colour Palette

When it comes to painting and decorating residential homes for Christmas, you really need to stick to a colour scheme. This is because things can get a little busy in terms of design if everything is inconsistent and mismatched! Make sure you keep your ornaments and decorations, for example, in one, two or three colours for considerate style. Here are a few different style or schemes you can go for.

Traditional – Consider the traditional festive colours! Dusky greens and deep reds, as well as gold finishes, are always welcome. Instagram or Pinterest is a great source to gather more inspiration and ideas if you’re feeling less inspired.

Want to try something different? Why not go blue this year for a different festive spirit?  It’s elegant and themes in wonderfully with winter. Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue, for example, is a lovely, luxury tone which will help you decorate in a festive yet cool tone. You could even be daring and try some soft pastel colours or add touches of copper for warmth.

Layer colour on colour – Matching your ornaments and decoration with an identical colour to your walls can be a stylish and refined way to decorate your home. You could experiment with something luscious and deep, like Farrow & Ball’s Rectory Red, we love how this creates a statement to the space.

There are many festive friendly colours you can select from our recent post on colours that can help you de-stress and relax. Many which can be introduced in our schemes and, it is a useful topic as we could all use some rest and relaxation this time of year!

Going Dramatic

decorating homes for chtristmas

Who’s to say you can’t add a little drama to your painting and decorating this festive season? Choose a moody, imposing glow for your Christmas interior design. You could paint your walls a dark colour to create that cosy feel and really bring out the Christmas spirit.  Combined with lit candles and festive lights, it’s a great way to feel cosy and warm without putting the fire on!

You could use Farrow & Ball’s Minster Green, for example, to bring a real feeling of winter warmth into your home and all your upcoming events, accentuated with candles and fairy lights, we believe it will give you that glow and magical effect.

Pastel soften metallics

table decor for christmas

You will be bringing your best tableware and cutlery out, because, when’s the best time to showcase it than Christmas? When you have laid out your shiniest cutlery and utensils, you should balance dramatic metals with pastels. This will add harmony to the table setting and feel less framed. I will also help to break intense, dramatic looks at Christmas Dinner! You could add pastel tones and elements through napkins, crackers and more.

painting and decorating homes

Decorate More Than the Tree!

You should be thinking of more than the tree when decorating your home for Christmas. Think about prioritising areas of painting and decorating that matter to you. Choose an area or a piece of furniture that you want to bring to the fore. If you’d like the focus to be on your table, fireplace, a centre piece or door, keep it simple and consistent. Just don’t cram all your decorations into one space!

You could also decorate your doors, inside and out, with wonderful wreaths.  They are fantastic for greeting visitors during winter and give off a warm, fuzzy feeling. For inspiration, you should take a look at the fantastic festive wreaths created by Phillip Corps at who recently did a workshop at Design Chelsea Harbour.

Christmas spirit in London

Take on popular green plants such as variegated holly, spiraea, ivy, and mix with seasonal mistletoe and pinecones for a wonderful, home-made wreath.  Add a ribbon and you have a beautiful, home-made decoration which last long and can also be beautiful even dried.

Enjoy the Season

Part of the fun in Christmas is getting all your decorations up! It’s wonderful to see your rooms transform this time of year. Get creative and experimental wherever you can! Check out our Instagram page for more inspiration.

Otherwise, if you need help with painting and decorating services London families rely on, why not call The Good Painter? Contact us now for a free quote on high-quality paint, dedicated service and experienced care. Do also take a look at our wider website for more details.

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