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Choose one of these top painting colours for your little London home

If you are one of the many that happen to live in a smaller space, which comes as no surprise in London,  you might want to consider painting and decorating your home in a new colour palette. The right wall colour can enhance  natural light, allow light to bounce beautifully around the space, hide dark and dull corners, give depth and visually enlarge your space. While white is the obvious choice, it isn’t the only option. Painting and decorating with versatile, playful colour schemes could be just the solution you need to add personality and great aesthetics to your dream home.

Warm neutral paint colours

Warm neutrals or off-whites have a softer hue that gives ambience and warmth to a room. One of our favourites is Stony Ground from Farrow and Ball, which is a fairly strong neutral with a gorgeous colour and warm tones. If you’re looking for a soft beige finish, this one is a great choice. Stick to painting all details (skirting, architraves, cornices, window frames)  in the same colour to reduce visual clutter. Or you could use cooler-toned neutrals when painting and decorating other rooms to create a subtle yet noticeable contrast. This colour scheme also makes it much easier to find complementary decorations and accessories.

painting and decorating services for a dining room in scandinavial interior stylewith warm neutral painted walls, wooden dining table and chairs and large glass doors

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Dark navies for striking interiors

Dark navies, surprisingly or not, camouflage small spaces by giving them depth. Embrace the darkness and paint door frames as well as the back of the door too. To increase the depth of smaller rooms, you can paint the side walls of the room and leave the ceiling a lighter colour to give the impression of a spacious room. By painting and decorating this way, you will avoid breaking up the room into sections and create a seamless look throughout. You can use decorations with brighter or lighter colours to create a contrast with the darkness of the walls.

grand and spacious interior design for living room with dark navi painted walls, large bay window, comfy blue armchairs, light sofa

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Earthy tones colour palette for calm interiors

Earthy tones are great for your home, especially when combined with lighter warm greys. When painting and decorating, you can also use neutrals, whites and different textures like carpets to lighten the room. They give a cosy and inviting feel.

You can also use decorations with pops of colours to make the room more season-orientated. For example, you can choose lighter colours for spring, and darker coloured accessories for winter.

painting and decorating services for a bedroom with walls of earthy tones

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Blue-green and Sage interior paints

Blue-green or sage interior colours reflect natural light incredibly well. Mixed with cream colour furniture and accessories, the selected colour scheme adds a delicate touch of personality and makes the space more exciting and dynamic. While a soft green creates an effect of homeliness, different tones of lighter blue can radiate calmness and are a great option when painting and decorating your home. One of our favourites is Cooking Apple Green by Farrow and Ball, which looks fresh and bright in well-lit rooms and takes on a lovely old-fashioned, rich tone in darker rooms.

painting and decorating services for a spacious reception room with light green/sage painted walls, round wooden coffee table

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Peach and Blush shades

Peach and blush shades are great for those who prefer to avoid the primary and generic white but aren’t yet ready to incorporate bold colours into their interior design. These colours have many schemes due to the wide range of undertones like pink and orange, and add warmth to a small room without overpowering it. We suggest pairing them with dark greys for a more interesting look. You can also pair colours like peach with other brighter colours depending on the room. For example, you could use cream or blue to complement it in the bathroom for a more vivid look.

Have a look at our Shepherd’s Bush Project  for some inspiration for your bedroom painting and decorating project.

Now that you’re all set and you know which are the best colours to go for, perhaps you want to know which ones to avoid! Check out our post on the 5 worst paint colours for small spaces.

The Good Painter provide an excellent colour consultancy service for all kinds of painting and decorating projects, big or small. To find out more about how we can help you to achieve the perfect interior in no time, read more about our services here.

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