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The Good Painter presents an expert guide on office colours, and how to bring them into your workplace.

When it comes to painting and decorating, you will probably focus on colours first, and other design features second. Why is this? The fact is, colour is significant when it comes to stimulating our productivity and states of mind. That’s why there is so much emphasis on office colours in the interior design industry. Take a look at our previous blog on which colours make your workplace more productive, for example, to get a taste of their power!


When looking at the painting and decorating workspace services, you need to think about colours which impact wellbeing, energy and inspiration. It would help if you also thought about what your office does. Are you energetic or laid-back? Do you offer communicative services or passive products? You must think about this in line with your interior design. Here are a few suggestions from the Good Painter on adding colour to your business and workspace.

Accent Colours and Furniture

Painting and decorating an office in blue colour

The furniture you choose will offer fantastic colour accents. The right furniture can add subtle touches to your colour scheme, which are never overpowering. Modern focus on accent colours centres around emotion currently. What emotions will cold, grey shades stir up? Visualise which colours are going to inspire your team and guests the most when painting and decorating offices and add in a few simple touches through furniture. This Humlan chair for the office is an elegant piece with a bold colour, is sure to make a statement.

Feature walls offer a fantastic way for you to bring bold colours and palettes into your office. You can accent with strong colours through one wall instead of your whole office, for example. It’s a great way to inspire productivity without offering too much distraction. You could use your favourite paints to create a chill-out space, for instance, in calm greens and blues. Think about what you want your business and workspace to provide, what is important to you and how you can make use of this space. Our High Holborn project offers a fantastic example of this with a designated relaxation room for employees to take a break.

Think About Patterns and Shapes

best colour paint for your office

When painting and decorating, you should also consider popular patterns, shapes and styles. Consider looking for options for your office or workspace which can be functional and striking. Fabric walls, for example, could add a colourful element, with patterns to help offer function and statement. This acoustic fabric wall might give you a clear example of something accessible and practical at the same time.

The size of your office should dictate the patterns you use. Are you working in a small space? Look for smaller patterns. For bigger areas, you can go large, but this can all be subjective and dictated to fit the message of your company. Choosing intriguing textures is vital and can make a whole new difference to your workspace! 

Experiment, Experiment, Experiment

Painting and decorating offices in London

There should be no limit to the experimentation of your workspace and business. The environment will be one which is used mostly all day every day, so you want to get it right when finalizing your painting and decorating project. If you want a less daring solution than introducing a few colours to the office workspace, you could focus on one colour and experiment with different hues and shades. Green hues can help to make things seem fresher and more natural, for example. You could experiment with tones and shades through furniture and fittings as well as ornaments. Experiment with saturation and opaqueness, too, painting and decorating or otherwise.

Finally, add a positive mood to your office with plants and flowers! They can be endlessly colourful, and they really help to liven up your workspace. They are a fantastic mood balancer! Painting and decorating offices doesn’t have to end with the walls, and many solutions are offered when transforming your office and business space.

Are you looking for high-quality, exceptional painting and decorating services around London? Choose a commercial decorating team with years of experience at The Good Painter. We have delivered jobs for a range of offices, large-scale to small creative studios. If you’d like to know more about our experts and our studio space, feel free to contact us now for more details and for a quote.

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